Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 11, 2014

Well, this week has been interesting. This morning the missionaries all went to a funeral for someone in the ward. He is actually not a member but his son and daughter are, and they are in the ward. Funerals in Korea are totally different and it was kind of an eye opening experience. We all (the missionaries, other close friends and members, and the family) all rode on a massive bus all the way up in the mountains to this tomb place and we all gathered around the spot where they bury the body. Someone spoke and said some things and then we all sang a few songs. Part of the whole funeral thing is actually literally burying the person who died. So each person in the family helped bury him. It was so different than anything I have ever experienced. His wife and another daughter were not members and were having a really hard time. Another daughter and son are members and were handling everything well. it was sad to see people who don't believe in the Plan of Salvation and feel like it's the end of everything. I am so thankful for the plan of Salvation and the knowledge that we have that this life is just a short part of the plan. We will see our loved ones again and this life is not the end. It was a really eye-opening experience and it made me so thankful to have the gospel and knowledge we have in my life.

On Tuesday  진영  came to English class and then we met with her and talked for a little bit. She asked some questions about baptism and being baptized if she has already been baptized. We explained a little about the Priesthood and told her we have to be baptized by proper authority. She seemed fine with it and accepted it well. She also asked some questions about the word of wisdom and she told us she loves to drink coffee. We briefly talked about it, but didn't have time to do an actual lesson since she was there for English. She came to church though on Sunday and really liked the RS lesson and Gospel Principles lesson. Some members were really nice to her and made her feel comfortable, which was good. After Gospel Principles, she went into the kitchen and was trying to find pans and stuff to make coffee. :( :( Sister Jeon and I were really bummed. She knows that it is against the word of wisdom but she kept saying it's fine! She couldn't understand why we seemed so sad and distressed that she was making coffee in the church kitchen. We were able to finish teaching her the first lesson and she understood everything very well. She loves learning about the Restoration and accepts it all. She wants to read the Book of Mormon but she has a hard time reading so she's trying to find an ap to download the audio. All in all, she is doing really well. She hasn't been taught everything yet so she doesn't understand all of the commandments completely, but she is on her way.

We met with 김선  this week and talked about wrapping up the Family English Program. We are almost to week 6. Sadly, I don't think she has much interest in the gospel. I think she believes our message is good and that it might be true. She thinks our church is good and has good standards, but she says she's too busy to come to church. She just doesn't understand the importance of the gospel and the priority it needs to be in our lives. 

조현, the recent convert we are teaching is doing really well. She is adorable and I love her! This week we talked about temples and baptisms for the dead. She wants to go to Seoul to the temple. This week she is going to meet with the Bishop and get a recommend so we can hopefully go next week with her.

Side note, 김휘  my recent convert in WonDang is doing great! She is still active and we text each other frequently. I love her so much. She is doing awesome.

I met with Sis. K, my MTC teacher (who I LOVE) last monday. She is living farther south. We went to dinner and caught up. It was so fun to talk to her and actually be able to speak some Korean to her. (compared to the MTC) :)

I have been reading Jesus the Christ lately and I have learned sooo much. I love learning about Christ and the way He acted to everyone. He was always so kind and full of patience. I feel so close to Him as I study about him in the Book of Mormon and learn about things He did when He was on the Earth. I know he is close by us and always assisting us in missionary work and helping us do everything he asks. I feel like when I learn about Him and the way He acted in situations, it makes it easier for me to react the way he would and be more Christ-like.

I am so thankful to be serving here. I am thankful to be serving with my companion. I have learned so so much. It hasn't been easy but it is perfectly what I need.

Rach: love hearing about your adventures and taking everyone to the JSM building for Jay's wedding. haha I'm so excited for everything you are doing!!! ;)
D-man: football sounds way fun! I wish i could see your games! Next year! spongebob and swimming. that's the life! haha "cover the tuba!"
Ellie: girls camp sounds like it was a blast!! the cave you went to sounds like it was really cool. did you paddle board and jump on the tramp at bear lake like we did last year?!
Jane: i love the "be happy" theme of girls camp! i love hearing about the devotional and the people that talked. DId you have fun boating?! it sounds like a ton of fun!
Addie: I would rather see a lion than a cougar becasue we never see lions in Utah! What would you rather see? I'm glad you had a fun week. have fun at cooper's party!
Isaac: This week I read in the Book of Mormon about Amalickiah when he swore to drink the blood of Moroni. Moroni is so cool and brave like you. Have fun swimming tomorrow! 
Mom and Dad: I love you! thank you for everything you do to help me. I am so thankful you are my parents. You are the best examples i have in the world. i love you!

have a great week!
Sister Tara Anderson
"After the funeral. (We had to wear all black)"

"Older picture from when I left WonDang - I gave these kids CTR rings"

"Sis Kil, my MTC teacher and I at church on my birthday"

"After a long time of proselyting in the rain, eating my birthday cake!"

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