Monday, November 24, 2014

November 10, 2014

This week we met with 정주윤 twice. (jeong joo yoon) We taught her the Word of Wisdom on wednesday and she said that sometimes she drinks coffee and alcohol on occasion with her friends. She said that she doesn't drink it very often and she was fine about giving it up. We moved her baptism date back a little bit in order for her to have time to show that she can keep the word of wisdom. We talked to her more about repentance so she is working on that. When we met with her on sunday she said that her mom wants to come to her baptismal service but she can't come until January. So she wants to be baptized in January. We told her that's fine, especially because her mom has been LA for her whole life and it is good that she wants to come. She might be helping her mom back. Also, I don't really know what to do now that it's delayed for 2 months. Her new baptismal date is Jan 3. 

I think we are going to finish the Family English program with sister Oh this week. We meet her every week with the Bishop's wife and she is doing pretty good. Last week we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and really emphasized baptism and the need for the proper Priesthood Authority. She really looked like things were sinking in a little more. She is Catholic and goes to her church each week so she never comes to ours. She does read the Book of Mormon each week which is good. This week we are going to talk to her about just meeting and teaching the gospel. If she is interested in that then we will teach her. if not, we will be finished with the family English program.

Yesterday we were supposed to meet with the chinese girl that the Elders referred to us, Sister Jeong,- the girl who is like an orphan but she texted us and told us that she couldnt' make it because she was going to her baptismal service in the Catholic church. :( :( But she still wants to meet with us another time so hopefully that will happen.

 We have also been trying to contact some less active members and help them. We visited the less active member that came to stake conference and she fed us dinner. She is super nice and we are working on getting her to come to church more.

I studied prayer a lot this week and I'm feeling a lot better about my prayers. I am continuing to pray vocally and pray with gratitude more. One thing i have learned from praying vocally is that sometimes as I am praying out loud, I learn things from what I am saying. It sounds weird, but little things come to mind, or I get answers to my own questions from hearing myself say them out loud. I think i notice this more because i can hear it with my own voice and i put more thought into what I say before I say it. Praying out loud is helping a lot. I also studied the way Christ taught us to pray and was reminded of what a privilege it is that we can pray to our Heavenly Father any time and anywhere and He will always listen. 

Love you all!

Love Sis Tara Anderson

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