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November 24, 2014

Hi. This week was really good! A lot of good things happened. 
First. We met with 정주윤 on wednesday and we talked about testimonies. We talked about knowing through the Holy Ghost that this message is true. We also talked about how testimonies usually come little by little as we continually live the gospel and pray to know the truth. Sister L and I both shared our testimonies with her and then we asked her to share hers. She was so sweet. She said when she was in high school she tried to find a religion but nothing was right to her. She also said she feels good when she meets with us and something makes her want to keep meeting with us and something makes her get up and come to church every week even though it's early and she is tired. She is seriously so sweet. Her mom hasn't come to church for over 20 years and her dad is a member. yet every sunday morning she gets herself out of bed and comes to church by herself. she is so sweet and i love her so much. Her testimony is small right now but she is on the right path and I know that it will continue to grow into a strong testimony.
On the subject of testimonies, last night for our "house family home evening" the lesson was on testimonies and we talked about President Uchtdorf's talk from this past conference. All 4 of us sisters shared our testimonies with each other and the spirit was so strong. Just us in our own house sharing our testimonies with each other. It was a really special experience. Sister Yang shared her testimony and it was so powerful. She has been a member for less than 2 years, yet she has so much faith. It was really neat and a good experience to strengthen our testimonies from sharing ours and hearing each other's testimonies.
We met with SIster L's friend this week. She is really nice. She is Catholic but when we met with her she asked questions about the Book of Mormon. She wondered if it was in a book store so she could get it, but of course we gave it to her. We are actually meeting with her tonight and we will be talking to her about the restoration- dispensations and apostasy and the need for a restoration so she can understand our church a little bit more. 
This week we had a church tour and a game night. Lots of members came and it turned out really good. The cute family that comes to our english class (the one that wants to do the family english program) was really touched again by the message during english class and they are beginning to be interested in the gospel more. They came for the very end of the church tour (sadly they missed the first part) but they were there for the part that we talked about RS and Sacrament Meeting. It was good for them to be in the chapel and to see the bishop and other members. They came to game night and had a ton of fun. Their daughter is sooo cute and loved playing with the other primary kids. The parents played the game with all of us and the other members and the members were SO nice and did a great job of fellowshipping. It was so good! At the end, the mom told me that she is interested and has felt a deep impression of our church and the message. Good things are happening! They want to start doing the family english program as soon as they finish moving into their house. :)
Sometimes it's hard to see how i'm improving and progressing with my Korean. This week someone said something to me (a native) and it just got to me and I felt really discouraged.  That night I was teary and I prayed to HF and I told him i'm so sad and i'm trying so hard to speak korean but that it's so hard and i feel like such a bad missionary because i'm not perfect but sometimes i feel like the more i try to be better- the more imperfect i feel. Anyways, as i was praying, I felt his love so much. I knew he was listening and it felt like he was there with me listening to me. I asked him to help me feel better and find answers to help me during study the next morning. So the next morning during study i read the Book of Mormon and then i randomly pulled out a talk that you sent me (mom) when i was in the MTC called Look Up by Elder Carl B. Cook. He said "Look up to see how Heavenly Father sees us. He doesn't look on the outward appearance but on the heart. And he knows, better than anyone else what each one of us needs."
That talk was such an answer to my prayer. I didn't even think about the talk. Just pulled out a little folder i had with some papers in it and pulled out the talk without thinking. I know that HF knows my heart and knows that i'm trying my best and it doesn't matter what other people think. He knows what i can do and he knows that i am trying. It was such a special little answer to my prayer. Anyways, that night i got transfer calls and found out i was training and i was kind of shocked! (After my confidence had been shot down) But i'm trying to remember that HF knows better than I know or anyone else knows what is best. If he knows I can do it and President Christensen knows, then I can!
Tell everyone thanks so much for the extra prayers. I have felt buoyed up this week. Really. I have felt even more motivation and more of a desire. I really have. I know it is from the prayers from everyone so thank you.
I love you!! The new carpet looks so good! CLASSIC about Rid saying the gum just fell out. So funny. And playing football in his b-ball game. Haha! 
Mom, New Beginnings or whatever it's called sounds like it was amazing!!!  I love that you had the girls bring paintings of Christ. So cool. It sounds like it worked out so good and the spirit was there.
Buns, the flash mob sounds so fun! i want to do one! Sewing, yw, and all of that sounds fun.
 Beaut, the nutcracker sounds sooo fun! Did you see my friends?!  Karaline sent me a pic of the program. Hahaha classic. Rach have fun with jacob these last few weeks. this week Sister Atwater (in Naylor’s ward) goes home. If you're around you should go to her homecoming! Also elder smith (who will be taking a package for me) and sister white (the one that's dating shirley beeton's grandson - girl in Kar's ward- is going home) all my Kaysville/ Farmington friends here are leaving me! Sad. 

 This week we don’t do anything for thanksgiving. Maybe we'll go eat something yummy somewhere to celebrate during dinner. Thanks Fath :) ok i love you!!! Have a good week!
Love, Sister Tara Anderson

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