Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

HI Everyone!! Thanks for your emails! I loved them all. Rach and Isaac I am glad you had good birthdays! This week was awesome! We had some great lessons with investigators. I will tell you all about them!
The temple was so good. It felt so good being there. Thankfully, we got to do an English session. We do the English session with the senior couples in our mission. President and Sister Christensen were there with our zone. It was good to see them again. After the temple my whole zone went hiking to a national park place. It was a ton of fun! The hike was actually way hard! But it felt good to be in the mountains getting exercise. I have missed hiking so much! It was kind of foggy and It felt like we were hiking in an old asian painting or something. The weird looking trees and fog with the mountains. mixed in with a few random temples here and there. haha but It was about 4 miles total. We barley got back in time later that day and changed in a subway station and ran to a member's house for dinner. It was an exhausting but fun day!
Our investigators are good! last week we taught Ee Hyoung Gee. (she is the 13 year old girl) we teach her and her 8 year old brother. Her brother was gone so we just taught her. Last time we taught her, we thought we were losing her. She seemed like she lost interest in the gospel and didn't really care anymore. But we went and taught her on thursday and she told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and she knows it's true. She told us that she tries to apply it to her life and it is helping her so much. We gave her the of Mormon stories book to help her understand better, but she said she likes reading the actual book because there are more details. She is awesome! She said she wants to be baptized and committed to being baptized. Now if we can just get her to come to church with us. She shared with us an experience she had when she was younger. She said her two younger siblings were really sick when she was little and they were in the hospital. She went outside and said a prayer and looked at the moon because she knew that God is light and she felt like he would hear her. Her family has no religion. Her parents have no interest in religion but she said she knows that Heavenly Father is real and that the church is true. We were so happy when she said this. She is so brave! Her friends have been trying to invite her to come to their church and they don't understand why she likes our church. She told them she knows it's true. We are so excited! Now we are going to try and get her and her brother to church. It's hard for them to get there when it's early and their family doesn't go. We'll talk to her little brother this week and see where he is at too. He understands the plan of salvation perfectly and wants to be baptized so he can live with HF again. We love them!!
Kim Hoo Eee came to church yesterday and we were able to teach her an awesome lesson after church as well. She is so great. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and understands and believes everything we teach her. We taught her the 3rd lesson yesterday, which is Christ's gospel. She is the perfect investigator. She loves learning everything. She loves that through the gospel, we can become better. This gospel is all about change. And she loves that. She understands that she can repent and be forgiven. She loves reading the Book of Mormon and always has a lot of questions. Yesterday she said she would be baptized! She decided March 15th would be good. She said she is excited to feel clean when she is baptized. (ps background on her- her professor is in our ward. He said something about our church in class one day and after class she asked him what church he went to and asked if she could come. So she came the first week I was here. That's when we began teaching her) She has been prepared. I am so excited for her. She asked about the temple because she heard we went. So on saturday, we are going to Seoul and visiting the temple and teaching her about it. I'm super excited!!
Ee Bo Young is doing good. She's still "waiting" for the answer. We are trying to explain that the spirit answers in many different ways. I think she is worried about being baptized and wants a big solid answer that this is the true church. She always reads the Book of Mormon but she said she isn't sure that the church is true. We're still working hard with her. Praying for her a lot. She is so sweet and we want her to realize how much the gospel can change her life.
This week I studied 3 Nephi 17 and shared how Christ healed the people when he came to earth. I pointed out to her that Christ healed everyone. He healed every person that came to Him. He will heal us. If we come to Him. Christ has so much compassion. He wants to heal us! I read a quote this week by Elder Packer that I love: "Christ is the creator. The Healer. What he made, He can fix." I love that. I am learning more and more about Christ and I am so thankful for His Atonement. Christ's Atonement is the best news in the world. I am so thankful that I get to share that good news with the people here in Korea.
Rach- I am glad you had a good b-day. Sounds super fun!!! Your hike in the pouring rain sounds like a blast. love you!
Dman- how's Savior of the World? I wish you could see all of the crazy things here in Korea. The busses and motorcycles drive wild. hahaha it's so funny. running red lights and flying around corners. classic
Ellie- thanks for the quotes! How is where the red fern grows? That book is so good/sad! i love you!!
Jane- Your missionary thing sounds way cool! Let me know how it goes!!
Addie- I am glad you are working hard in English. That is so hard. There are so many tricky things. You are so smart. Keep working hard! I love you!
Isaac- That is so cool you saw the fighter planes! I am glad you had a good birthday. This week I ate gross fish that looked like silver goldfish and I ate octopus haha crazy huh?
Mom and Dad- I love you so much!! Thanks for the emails. I love you and constantly pray for all of you.
Have the best week!!! I love you!!!!!!
Sister Tara Anderson


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