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February 24, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!
I am so glad you are all doing good. Thanks for all of the cute emails! I love reading every one of them and hearing what is happening. Tell Emily and Livi good luck this week. The MTC is THE BEST!!! The Spirit is always there. It is awesome. Tell Emily I will see her on May 31st when we have a combined mission conference with Seoul South. I can't wait!!!
I am doing pretty good here. I still have a lot of ups and downs. It's hard not to get homesick when you feel so far away and can't understand people. But everyday I am a little more familiar with the culture and everything. So it is a little better.
This week was good. We got to teach Ee bo young on monday. We talked to her about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and she seemed good with it. She always seems so interested in everything. She always reads the Book of Mormon, and prays, and comes to church most of the time. She has been praying to know if the gospel is true and if the Book of Mormon is true. We have a baptism date set for her, but she seems like she is not as interested in being baptized as she used to be. I asked her if she wants to be baptized. And she said right now, no. Sister Koo and I were SO sad when she said that. We want to know how to help her. She is having a hard time with her family right now. I told her I pray for her everyday and she said she really appreciates it. She is always so sweet and does everything, but for some reason she is afraid of being baptized. I love her so much and it makes me so sad! The other day, she gave me a letter she wrote for me. She doesn't speak very much english but she tries hard and does pretty good. She wrote the letter in English and it was so sweet. She told me thank you for being her friend and a missionary and for teaching her true lessons. She said a whole bunch of other heart-felt things. It made my day! She told me it took her an hour to write because she had to translate everything she wanted to say. I love her so much and I want her to realize how this gospel can change her life if she will let it.
We didn't get to teach Kim Hoo ee this week because she was in Seoul and couldn't come to church. She still seems really interested by the texts she sends and I think she is doing good. She is really sweet. She loves that through the gospel, we can become better people. She is awesome. We are going to teach her again on sunday.
The 2 siblings we are teaching are doing alright. At first they really understood how important it is to be baptized because we cannot return to live with HF if we aren't baptized. So they really wanted to be baptized. They love reading the Book of Mormon stories book. The little boy was having a problem with praying. He said it feels really weird. I explained to him that HF is our Father and when we pray, we just talk to him like we talk to our dad. We are his children and he wants to talk to us. Hopefully if he realizes who he is, it won't be so awkward to pray. We keep trying to get the kids to come to church but they always sleep in :( i Think sister Koo and I might just show up one morning and try and get them to come with us. haha they are so cute and i want them to understand how important this gospel is.
On wednesday, I went on exchanges with sister haynie. She is awesome. She was in the MTC for about a week when I was there. It was fun to be with her. We taught an English class and taught a lesson to one of her investigators. It was super fun. I leaned how I can study Korean better and become better at talking to people on the street. It was nice to teach with another American who doesn't know very much Korean because we were able to work together and I could actually understand the things she was saying. It was fun.
On friday, part of our zone met in Ilsan area and street contacted together. It was a blast! We went to dinner at this resturant after. We all showed up and while we were waiting outside the door, a lady kept staring at us. She would lean forward and look at us and then sit back. She kept doing this. And I saw her. Nobody else noticed but I knew I had to talk to her. my comp was talking to someone else, so i stood there. Next thing I knew I was walking over to her and telling her we are misisonaries. I explained our church, and that we teach about christ. I told her and her daughter about the Book of Mormon and how I feel when I read it. I gave them a Book of Mormon with our card in it and they were super nice. It was slightly terrifying. But I think they needed to hear our message and that's what led me there.
I have been doing really good for the most part! I have my moments of homesickness, but usually I am doing pretty good. Yesterday, I was a little homesick in the morning before church. I went to church and sat by a really sweet member. 4 Americans showed up to Sacrament Meeting. I couldn't believe I was seeing Americans! We never see Americans. We are far away from Seoul and the only Americans i see are the other missionaries. So afterwards, I went up and talked to them. They work with the bishop of our ward and are here because they are builing 2 family history centers in Seoul. They were super nice. From utah. One was from Syracuse. One said he used to live by Ponds Park in Kaysville. So exactly where we live. I was so excited to talk to people who could understand me! hahah but they asked me how long I have been serving and i told them 3 weeks in country. They were super nice. Told me that I will get used to the culture and the language will come. I kind of felt like I was going to burst into tears as I was talking to them. They left and after church sister Koo and I were walking home and I burst into tears. I think something about seeing them and knowing they came from home made me SO homesick. It was sad. but the other sisters helped me feel better. haha. The rest of the day I was totally fine. I just have my moments. haha :)
I have to say, overall, I am doing so good. I am doing a lot better than I expected I would. I can honestly say I feel the prayers of everyone at home. I know that there is no way I could ever do this on my own. I feel the strength of my Savior helping me along the way. I also know that there are others beyond the veil who are helping me everyday. I am so thankful to be a missionary. I love serving the Lord. I can't imagine my life without the gospel. And the plan of Salvation. Coming her to Korea makes me realize how blessed we are to have the knowledge we do. Why are we so lucky to know what we know? I want others to know about Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon can change their lives. I lOVE the BOok of Mormon! I am so thankful for it.
I love you all so much!
Rach- congrats on USU!!! That is so exciting. I can't wait for you!!! yay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! have the best day ever. hopefully you get my letter soon! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Dman- keep it up with basketball and school. Have fun with Savior of the World. IT IS THE BEST!!! I wish I could do it again
Ellie- Feel better love! Good luck with Sewing. You are awesome. Keep playing speed and shooting during kiddy rid's turn. haha!
Jane- Thanks for the cute email! When does track start? Speed sounds way fun with marv. How's violin?
Addie- I can't believe you are doing year rouind next year! That's so cool! HOw's ballet? I love you more than all of the fish in the ocean!
Isaac- How is kindergarten? I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! IN korea, your birthday is tomorrow. I sent you a letter in the mail. i hope you get it soon for your birthday. I will think abouit you all day. love you!
Mom and Dad- I love you. thank you for everything. You are the best. Have a great week. Thanks for all of the encouraging things. I love you!!!
Tara and Sister Koo (her companion) at the subway station. 
Tara and Sister Jackson at Dinner. 

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