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February 17, 2014 Week 2 in Korea!

Hey everyone! 
Sadness and tears are better. Not so sad. Still having a hard time fathoming how long I will be here but I try so hard not to think about it. For some reason that really gets me. Not sure why. I don't want to wish my mission away thinking about how good it will be to see you guys again. I want to be able to enjoy it! So that is the biggest thing. Still have ups and downs though. Moments where i am so homesick, and then feeling better later.
Answering your questions: Church is right by our apartment. We just walk there. it takes like 3 minutes. The members are nice! I love the kids. I can't understand anything in church. it's hard not being able to talk to the members. i want to get to know them. my comp knows and loves all of them and they all talk to her but i can't say much. Yes we have taught quite a few lessons. Most of them are people my comp has already been teaching. One girl we started teaching last sunday. She came to church because her professor is in our ward and invited her to come. So we have been teaching her. She is awesome! Her name is Kim Hoo ee and she has come to church both sundays. She always reads the book of mormon and loves the plan of salvaiton. She is so interested. She texts us and says she has tons of questions while reading the Book of Mormon. She has been praying and said if she gets an answer about the BOM she will be baptized. She is so sweet. She comes all the way from Seoul to come. It takes her about an hour to get to church.
We have another one named Ee bo young. She is great. We have taught her a lot and she loves the gospel. She is reading the book of mormon and said she will be baptized if she receives an answer about it as well. I teach her english for the first 45 minutes and she loves it. She usually comes to church and really loves the gospel. We teach these 2 kids and they want to be baptized really bad! They always read the book of mormon stories and they love it! The hard thing is they can never get to church. They always sleep in. They have to come 3 times before they can be baptized. they understand the plan of salvation and understand that they have to be baptized if they want to live with God again. Now if they will just come to church! We have another investigator that seems like she loves to meet with us but she's not super interested in the gospel :( We taught her the plan of salvation the other day. I told her about how I am so thankful for the plan of salvation. I told her about how i was so close to grandma marva and she died and I know that I will see her again because of the plan of salvation. Those are our main investigators right now.
 We live far away from Seoul so not close to the temple. We ride the subway to seoul. We usually just walk around our area and ride the bus sometimes too. We usually only ride the subway if we have to go to another area.
The food is really different. It kind of makes me feel sick. but hopefully my body will adjust. Kimchi is so bad. hahaha and they eat it every meal! We usually eat our meals at home. about once or twice a week members invite us over. So i usually eat normal things like cereal, spaghetti, rice, bagels, etc.  haha Whenever we go to a person's house, they always feed us something. So we eat a lot of random stuff.
The language is still pretty hard. I am getting better and proselyting and striking up simple conversations. very simple. like explaining who we are and a little bit about our message. I can only say a few things in the lessons. I usually write out sentences to say to the investigator .Then share my testimony.
 When i was so sad last week my cute companion asked me what makes me happy and asked if i would feel better if we ran in the morning. I told her yes i would love that. so now we go running every morning. I love it. It helps me SO much. We have a little route we do. maybe only 1 mile or so. but even just that helps a lot. we bundle ourselves up and go into the freezing world right after we wake up!  My companion is really awesome and i love her! We have a few culture differences but they aren't that big of a deal.  Someone told me they thought she is one of the hardest working missionaries in the mission. she is always exactly obedient and it is really good. Always super strictly on time and does everything exactly how we are supposed to. So she is training me well! She is very understanding about me being homesick. I am so lucky to have such a good trainer!
A typical day- wake up and exercise. shower and get ready until 8. then study from 8 to 12 and then have lunch and then go out and either teach a lesson, proselyte, or go visit less actives. then have dinner and proselyte more and then come back, daily planning, journal and get to bed.
Rach- thanks for the email last week about trying to be positive! I have really tried hard this last week to be positive. The hardest thing for me is thinking about how long i have until i am home. But i want to enjoy it here while it's happening. So i have been trying really hard to not think about it and think about the positive that's happening right now. any cute things with Jacob lately?? :) i thought of you all weekend at simplot!!! I am glad you did awesome! Love you!
Dman- yes the food is pretty different. i loved your email! it's classic. i always randomly think of movie quotes and i wish i could tell them to you. hahaha marv sounds classic as always. That's way sweet about the olympics! The snowboarding thing sounds legit. We'll go to the olympics and watch those dudes when the olympics are here. The olympics are in my mission! cool huh? I can't really say very much but i try to say a little bit to the people! I can talk to the people on the streets and tell them we are missionaries and our message and give them our little cards. that's about it. How's school and basketball and all the girls? haha love you!
Ellie- how fun you are having a cousin sleepover at Rozy’s. That sounds way fun. thanks for writing me letters! I love them. tell Sarah to email or write me. Move it or lose it! haha is basketball over yet? how is school? I can't believe feb is half over. the weather sounds a lot like how it is here in korea. starting to feel like spring a little bit. but still kinda cold. love you tons!!
Jane! i am sorry you have been sick! that is a bummer. I just realized that you were the one that told me the story about move it or lose it. haha sorry didn't mean to put it in ellie's email! But i am glad you had fun! Did my valentines letter just barely get to you? I sent it the day i left the MTC. That's weird. But i am glad you like it! that's classic about the snowmobile on the cement. haha i love you a ton! hope you are feeling better!
Addie! how are all of the fun birthday parties you are going to? I am sorry i didn't respond to you last week. the birthday parties sounded so fun! The movie Frozen sounds way way cool! Let's watch it when i am home ok? How is school? Is English hard? Korean is hard. and i always think about you when i am having a hard time. We can do hard things! I love you so so so so much. Look at the moon and i will look at the moon too and it's the same! love you!
Kiddy Rid! I can't believe it's almost your birthday. The other day i saw a picture of Lebron in Korea and i took a picture by it because i thought of you! I love your picture of you and Dman in the heat shirts. How is school? What are you learning? I hope it is going good. How are your friends? Do you still play with Abe and Coop? I sent you a letter in the mail last week. I can't believe it's almost your birthday. I love you to the sun and back!
Mom and Dad i love you! I pray for everyone so much. I am so thankful that you are my parents and for always helping me feel better. I always read the things you say to me and it helps me feel better. I love you! Tell me about your mexico trip! When are you going? Where are you going? How fun!!! I am glad you can get away for a little bit. we go to the temple on tuesday. I am way excited!!!  I will try to listen better to the Korean on sundays.
Forever for always. I LOVE YOU :)xxxxooooo
Sister Tara Anderson

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