Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 30, 2014 - Goodbye America!

Wow. This week is flying by. Probably because I have so much to do and I feel like I am running out of time! It was a great week though! We got our travel plans last week! We leave the MTC at 4:30 on monday morning, then our flight leaves SLC at 8:30. We fly to Detroit and land at 2:10. Then we fly out of Detroit at 3:45 and then fly straight up and over to Seoul. We are supposed to land at 7:35 pm (tuesday night) so the flight will be pretty long. Sister Bagley and I are the travel leaders and we are convinced that somehow we will lead our group to end up in Russia or something. ha ha. I am excited and freaking out for Korea. ahhhhhh!

Ok Sunday was so great. For Relief Society, Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke to us. She spoke a little bit about the mission she served with her husband in Chili. She also had a little medley of primary songs that she wanted us to sing. It was so cool. There is something so powerful about hearing all of the sister missionaries sing together. Sister Perry shared an experience that happened to her after she was in a bad car accident. She was at the hospital and they were about to do a test on her and she was very nervous and panicking because she could barely breathe. She said a prayer to Heavenly Father to help her. Suddenly these words came to her: "Pray he is there. Speak He is listening. You are His child. His love now surrounds you." She said there are times we just can't deal with on our own. She said to say a little prayer and ask Heavenly Father to bless you in some way. At the very end of her talk, we all sang a song that she wrote. It is "As Sisters in Zion" but a version especially for missionaries. We sang it with a soundtrack that she had and it was incredible. The spirit was so strong. I can't even describe how it felt. Everyone was in tears. The last verse was extra neat. I don't think I have ever felt the Spirit so strong in my life. I wish I could capture that little moment forever. 

Sunday night devotional was way cool. I think the speaker's name was Steven Allen. He is over the missionary department under the direction of the General Authorities. He got up and said that he tried preparing things to talk about but he couldn't ever find something that he should talk about that felt right. So he said he had nothing prepared and that he was going to teach by the Spirit. He said to say a little prayer in your heart if there is something you need to hear, and Heavenly Father will prompt him with the things to say. So, I said a little prayer in my heart. and he talked about exactly what I needed to hear. He talked about how the adversary knows how to "push our buttons." and how we are being made smooth through the Savior. Being made smooth causes a high level of stress and strain. He talked about how we can deal with such hard things and how we can find peace. We all sang Where can I turn for Peace and then after, he talked about the words to that song and that we can find peace through Jesus Christ. HE is the one you turn to for peace. In the song, it says, "who, who can understand, He, only one." He said Christ knows us and understands us better than we understand ourselves. HE knows what we are thinking about, what we are worried about. and what we are happy about. Then he talked about how we cast our burden on the Lord. The same way we invite our investigators to. Through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement. If you need more peace, pray more. Be worthy of peace. Repent. We sang the song Be still My soul and he talked about being patient. He said one coping strategy when you are having a hard time is to focus on others. Where can we turn for peace? The Savior. He said, "some of your prayers are being answered without you realizing it. He said stick out what you have been called to do. Don't let satan push your buttons. Christ is proud to have you in His army" Then we ended with singing Abide with me. It was such a good devotional!! I am sad to leave the MTC because I love the devotionals soooo much!

Mom and Dad, You are the best. Thank you so much for the packages you sent me this week! I loved the valentines package! It was the best suprise. And thanks for the treats and other cute things you sent me. I love you so much! Thanks for all of the things you send me to help me. Love you!!
Rach. Love the dear elders. Keep telling me everything. I love it. Good job at your track meets! I am glad your YW lesson went well. THanks for the quotes and things you send me. Love you!
Dman- Get feeling better!! Hope basketball and everything is going good! You better write me back!
Ellie- How is basketball? I hope your game is good today against Kaysville!! Love you tons!
Jane- Did you guys get my letters? I hope so. How is b-ball and violin? let me know! Love you!
Addie- I am glad you got my letter. Did you like the story about the blow up cat? haha how is ballet? I love you!!
Isaac- thanks for the emails! You are classic. I think it is really neat that Jesus touched the stones so the guys could see inside their boat. What are you reading in the Book of Mormon now? I love you!!!
I love you all so so much! I will talk to you on monday morning! Have the best week!  Love you!
Tara and Sister Driscoll on their run... around the MTC. :)

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