Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 9, 2014

Hey everyone!  I hope you are all doing awesome :) Thanks for the package you sent me on monday. I loved it. Jane, the peanut butter bars were delicious. It is always great getting some homemade food in the MTC. Thanks for sending the sheet music and everything. You're the best. Addie and Isaac, I loved the finger painted pictures! I showed all of my friends here. Thanks for the dear elders too! I look forward to dear elders and letters you send. They make me so happy!!
This week has been good. I jotted down some of the eventful things that happened to me this week. Or just some thoughts I thought I would share with you. So it may be kind of random. haha

On Sunday we had Mission Conference and it was awesome!! I loved it. There were a few talks that I really loved. One of them was Sister Hacking. She talked about "faking it" practicing what we are afraid of. If we are lacking confident, act confident, if we are lacking faith, practice exercising faith. She talked to us about having courage, remembering that Heavenly Father is in charge, and relying completely on Jesus Christ. Awesome talk. Her husband is in the MTC presidency, and he gave an awesome talk as well. He talked about being as a child. He shared a story that I thought was so cool! He said that when he was serving as a bishop, one night their family decided to go visit a man who lived in their ward. His wife has just passed away a few weeks before, and he was having a hard time during the holidays. So he took his wife and 3 little kids and they walked down the street to drop off some cookies to the man. The man was home all alone and greatly appreciated the visit from their family. As they were walking home, one of the kids asked their dad who the lady was sitting on the couch. The dad said there was no lady sitting on the couch. Then another one of the kids said they saw the lady as well. Then his wife, (sister hacking) said that she saw the lady and recognized her as his wife. (keep in mind that his wife passed away weeks before). He could not see her, but his children could. The little man was all alone but his wife had come to be with him. He said that taught him a lesson about becoming child-like. I loved that story. I thought it was so cool. He talked more about being childlike. He said "Our father wants us to return to him with traits of little children embedded in our souls." Mission Conference was so great!!

On friday nights we usually have TRC where we teach members who speak Korean. Typically we teach people who are actually from Korea and I LOVE it! I feel so much love for the Korean people and I cannot wait to get to Korea to meet them!! I taught a sister who is going to the U who is from Seoul. She was super sweet. She asked my companions and I for our emails and wants to stay in touch. She sent me a super sweet email. It made my day!! I love Korean people!

Devotional this week was so good!! Actually I say that every week. It's always way good. Bishop Stevenson came and talked to us. He is the presiding Bishop of the church. He talked about finding our vision. Finding our vision for ourselves as missionaries, and finding the vision for the people we serve. His talk was incredible. Just what I needed to hear. He talked about sharing our testimonies. We can teach all we want but it does nothing if there is no testimony. Testimony is our offense. I loved that!

Lately I have been studying the characteristics of Christ. I bought a little mini BOM and I decided to read it focusing especially on the characteristics of Christ. It has been really good so far. I was reading in 1 Nephi 3:7 the other day and the line "he shall prepare a way for them" stuck out to me so much. It kind of hit me. Christ prepares the way for us. He will prepare a way for us to do anything that he asks. He not only provides a way for us in the things we ask, he provided THE way. If it wasn't for Christ, there would be no way. He prepares the way for us. For some reason that really stuck out to me. I love being able to study the scriptures for hours each day. I am growing so close to the Savior as I study and learn about him in the scriptures.

Ok this is random but kind of funny. So in gym, they have a record board full of some records that people have set. At the beginning of each year, they wipe the board clean. (kind of dumb, because it's not as legit, but whatever) So Sister Glauser and I decided we want to set some records. Even if they just last for like a week. haha So this week I set a record for girl's vertical jump. I think they are putting my name up on the board. So maybe i'll take a pic by it for the one minute that it's up. Also, the mile record has already been set by someone so sister glauser and i are going after it. We have been timing ourselves each day in the mile. Hopefully we can get there. It's bringing out the competitive side in me. haha. We'll see if it actually happens though.

Well. that's about it. Sorry I don't have anything super exciting to share this week! 
Mom and Dad- thanks for being the best parents ever. Your letters are the best. I love them. I love you. 
Ratch- love your letters. good luck in your track meet this weekend. Think of me when you are barfing after the 400. good times. You will do awesome though!! :) Tell Talley and everyone hi from me. I love you!! Jakey boy sends his love. HAHA
D-man- loved the letter about s-bob. That's classic. How's basketball going? Hope it's goin good. How is BYU basketball this year? And the jazz? Are they still just as bad? ha keep me posted. Love you!!
Ellie- How's basketball? I heard you played in the jv game for a little bit the other day! How awesome is that? Dad said you have a game today. Good luck! Thanks for the cute letters you send. I love getting letters from you!!! Have a good week!!
Jane- thanks for the cute letter!! I loved hearing all about how you had to wear jeans with the big jersey to school. I can picture having to wear ugly sweats in jr high for track. haha. I am glad violin is going good. I love you so much! i will write back today :)
Addie- I love you so much! thanks for telling me about everything that is going on! How is your new primary class? I hope it is good. I will write you back! love you so much! ps. love you more than all of the water in the sea!
Isaac- thanks for the finger painting picture. That is SO cool. How is kindergarten? Are you learning a lot of stuff? Tell me what skill sets you are passing off. I am learning how to read in korean like you are learning how to read. I love you! 

Well I love you all! Thanks for being the best family in the world. I am so thankful to be apart of our family. You guys are the best. I love you!!! CTR always!!!

Love Sister Tara Anderson
Tara and one of her companions, Sister Driscoll

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