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May 5, 2014

Happy May 5th!!! I hope you are celebrating my favorite day even though I'm not there! haha I don't think Korea even knows what Cinco De Mayo is so nobody cares. haha but i'm celebrating!! :)
This week was another great week! We had transfers and I got a new companion. Her name is Mia Ahn. She is from Highland Utah, but she is full Korean. She is super sweet! I already love her. The first few days were a little stressful, since I am the one who knows the area, investigators, members...etc, but it's all good now. It was a miracle that we made it back to our area from Seoul. I thought i was on the wrong subway for a minute and freaked out... but it was fine. haha miracle. Anyways, she has been serving for 8 months. She is learning Korean as well. She helps me a ton with Korean and we work really well together! I am excited to see what we can do together!
최 Sister C. is doing good. We were supposed to meet with her on wednesday, but she cancelled :( Our ward mission leader (who came to the lesson last week) called her up and met with her to kind of finish up with where he left off. We are meeting with her tonight. We will finish teaching her about the Restoration and about Joseph Smith. We are going to read part of Joseph Smith HIstory with her. Our goal is to get her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Right now she's still thinks that the BIble is the only word of God. She's really nice though and I love her! Pray that she will read the Book of Mormon! That's the only way she will get a testimony of the Restoration, Joseph Smith...etc.
We found 2 new investigators this week! One of them was kind of a miracle. So this random lady text us and asked to call her. We didn't have her number so we called her to find out who she is. She told us that she lives 3 floors below us and she said that I always said hi to her and gave her one of our cards. She asked us if we could come to her house and meet with her daughter. She wants us to do 30/30 english program with her daughter. We went to her house and she is super nice. She already has a religion, but we are going to teach her about the restored gospel. We are meeting with her again this week. They are both super nice. I don't ever remember talking to her (we talk to so many people) but she said we were always so nice to her. It goes to show that even if people don't accept our message at first, we may be planting seeds. She kept the card we gave her and called us later on. miracle!
The elders met this lady named Anna  (her english name) she came up to them one day and asked them if she could meet. So the elders referred her to us and we met her with the elders. She lived in New Zeland for 8 years and then came back to Korea. She speaks very good English, but she seems intrigued in our church. She said she met with missionaries in New Zeland and they were always so nice to her. We gave her an introduction to the gospel and the restoration and she was very accpeting. She also came to our english class afterwards. We are going to try and meet with her again this week. She is so sweet! I love her. 

So the elders found this english class at the community center in our town and told us to come because there are a lot of women who come and they were asking about our church. So we went on thursday and met two really nice ladies. Their names are Isabella and Beth. (they go by their english names around us. haha) We were able to talk to them for a while. We told them about our church and specifically talked about our prophet and apostles. They were asking a lot of questions about them. They want to meet with us this week and do the 30/30 program (30 minutes of english and 30 of gospel) Isabella told us she was so grateful that she met us and had a really good time sharing our feelings. She gave us hugs at the end and she was so sweet. I love her! I'll keep you posted on them.
Food of the week:
Tide pool soup again! This time there were noodles in the soup, and octopus and squid in the mix as well. It was actually pretty good. A little weird, but not too bad. Maybe tide pool soup is growing on me. hahah also, we had fish with a member and they take the fish and put it on the frying pan and then serve it to you. so the head and tail and everythign is there. you just rip it open and start eating it. haha it's actually pretty good though.
TACOS!!! We went to a member's house on saturday and she fed us tacos!!! I was so happy. I haven't seen a taco since i was in America. And there are no mexican resturants here. Cinco De Mayo miracle! hahah
This week I was studying in Mosiah 28 and learning about the Sons of Mosiah. They were the best missionaries and I love reading about them. Why were they so awesome?! They went from being the vilest of sinners to being desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature. They couldn't bear that any human soul should perish. I want to be like them! They are so solid. One thing that i learn from them is patience. They were so patient They were patient through afflictions and hard things. They completely rely on the Lord so they can be instruments in His hands. Love them!! I also was thinking about the word "valiant" We need to be valiant in our testimonies of Christ. What things can we do to be more valiant?
I love being a missionary! I learn so much everyday. Thanks for all of the prayers, letters, and support you give me! I love you!
Rach- good job in the BYU invite! You did awesome. I love hearing about track and everything. yay for the 59!!! That's awesome!! convince mom and dad to take the boat out. haha love you!
D-man- movie quote: "pleeeeeeaseee like me" what's that from? hahah i loved hearing about the basketball raffel game thing. How are the NBA playoffs?  keep it up with track and basketball! love you!
Ellie- korea is good! station park sounds fun with your friends! Did you have fun at the BYU invite with rach? It's so weird not to be there! keep it up in track! You are amazing! Love you!
Jane- the barnes park b-day party sounds so fun! Great job in your medley! Your 200 sounds awesome! And good job in hurdles!! Keep working hard! Love you!
Addie- tell me how your ballet recital goes. is it soon? What does your costume look like? Send me a picture ok? How is soccer? good job in the 5k! love you!
Issac- I can't believe you ran a whole 5k! You are so strong. I heard you only stopped once for 3 seconds. That's soooo good! I would rather jump into the ocean. Would you rather swim with sharks or see a wolf? i love you!
Mom and Dad- Can't wait to talk to you next week! I love you so much! You are the best parents. I am so thankful I am your daughter! Love you!!!
Sister Tara Anderson

Rainy day in Korea

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