Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!! I love you so much!! It was so good talking to all of you today!!! <3
This week was so great. So many little miracles and great things. Time is starting to go by quick. I'm already down to 1 year left and it's kind of freaking me out! Each transfer is going by faster and faster.
츼자매님 (Sister Chay) is good. We met with her on Saturday. We actually set up 3 different appointments with her this week, but she cancelled all of them. And then she randomly called the Ward misison leader and asked to meet. So he called us and we all met. I don't know why she doesn't want to meet with us. The ward mission leader is good and he is VERY informative. He knows the gospel SO well. He can teach her everything very detailed and answer all of her questions. But i think the problem with her is that she needs to hear our simple message and feel the Spirit. She understands the restoration perfectly. It all makes sense to her. She understands why we have the Book of Mormon now. But something is missing. She needs to FEEL it and know the truth through the Spirit. So we are going to try to work on that. But, GOOD NEWS. Every time we have met with her (now 3 times) I have tried to give her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read. Every time she said NO. She wouldn't even take it. She only believed in the Bible. But, on saturday I tried again and she said YES! she said she would start reading it. She even thanked me for it! ahhh i love her. I think she really will read it.
박인영 (Park Een Young) is great! We are still doing the 30/30 program with her. She is so sweet. Her mom is really sweet too. When we were over at her house, we were doing free talk english and we were talking about our favorite foods and i told her i like chicken. So the mom heard and asked us to come over for dinner the next day and she made me chicken! She is so nice. It was actually really good. They are so sweet. They kept telling me that I "eat very well" so maybe i'm getting better at eating korean food! We gave her a Book of Mormon and taught her a little bit about it. She said she would read it, but last we checked, she hadn't... we'll keep working on her. We are teaching her the restoration. I love her!
Isabella is the girl that I met in the community center english class. She's great. She came to English class with her son and she really liked it. When we were in English class on friday, we were doing free talk and she brought up God. She said "Sometimes when things are hard, I feel like there has to be a God out there and I need His help" but other times, I feel like there can't be a God and i just don't know." So i said a little prayer in my heart. I asked Heavenly Father to help her know that He is her Father and that God is real. I testified that God is our father, we are his children and that he knows her. I told her that he always hears our prayers and wants to talk to us. I told her that He sent us to this earth and we have a purpose. I said "I Promise if you pray to know if there is a God, You will get an answer and know that he is our Father." As i was testifying to her, I felt the Spirit SO strong. I thought she HAD to have felt it because I was feeling it so strong. Later in the conversation, I was able to teach her about the plan of salvation. I asked her if she felt anything as I was teaching her about God and that He is our father. I asked if anything felt different as I told her that. She said No. :( I was pretty bummed. Wondering why I felt the spirit SO strong, yet she didn't feel anything. :( She told us that she wants to meet with us and learn more though. She also said she would try and come to church with her husband and son, but she didn't come :( She's really great though. I love her. I really hope we can teach her.
So this week we saw so many little miracles.
Yesterday after church, we were walking to the place we usually go street contacting at. We usually walk a certain way, but for some reason as I was walking, I had a strong impression that we shouldn't go the way we usually go, but go this different way. So i just thought, alright lets go that way. I had a strong thought that someone along our way needed to hear our message. So we walked for a little bit and then got to a cross walk. While we were waiting for the light to change, we started talking to this lady. (the first person we talked to) She said oh you're missionaries?! Can I get your number? Can I meet with you? And we said Yes! of course!! We told her a little about our message and she wants to meet thursday at 2:00. What a mircale! I am really excited to meet with her.
We set a goal to talk to a certain number of people before we went home for dinner. We reached our goal and then I talked to a few more people after. The very last person I talked to was so nice. She told me she is Christian and loved that I was sharing a message about Christ. She wanted to take me to dinner right then, but it was sunday and sister Ahn was talking to someone else and i told her i could another day, so we are meeting with her tomorrow. I am finding more and more that it's always the LAST person we talk to in the day that is interested in our message and wants to meet, or the extra person we talk to even though we are late for dinner or something.
This week as I was studying, I learned a lot. One thing that I kept learning is that the Lord expects a lot from those He has given a lot to. While I was reading Jesus the Christ, I learned that the Lord will judge us based off of our circumstances. Then as I was reading D&C 82, I saw verse 3 which says "For of him unto whom much is given much is required" I think a lot about how blessed I am to have the gospel in my life. To be born into a family that is solid in the gospel and to have an understanding of the most important thing in the world. Why me? Why weren't all of these people I meet on the street each day born with the gospel? I am realizing more and more that we are SO blessed and the Lord expects us to do something about it. We need to give what we have and the Lord expects us to help others. That was probably the biggest thing I learned this week. I also studied Ammon and how he converted kind Lamoni. He was the perfect missionary. He totally taught through the spirit. He was awesome. I love the Book of Mormon. I ALWAYS learn how to be a better missionary when I read it.
I love you all so much!!! I am so thankful to serve in Korea. I love being a missionary!
Rach- good luck at state this week!!!!! And seminary graduation?! crazy. i love you!!!
D-man- good job in hurdles!!! " I asked you to homecoming......"hahahha classic
Ellie- i loved talking to you today! Keep up the good work in the 400! love that you are doing it. Love you!
Jane- good job at south end for track!! I loved talking to you today. keep working hard in school!! i love you!
Addie- i'm glad i could say HEY BEAUT! today to you on the phone. hahah! good job in soccer! keep doing awesome!
Isaac- I love that rid. hahah i loved it when i talked to you today! i heard you are going to fathers and sons. that will be SO fun. no girls!! i love you!
Mom and Dad- happy mothers day! I LOVED TALKING TO YOU! thanks for everything! You are the best. Thanks for everything you do to help me. xoxoxox
Love, Sister Tara Anderson

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