Monday, June 16, 2014

May 19, 2014

Hi! This week was good!
Investigators are doing good:
We are meeting with 츼순자 later today. We are teaching her the Plan of Salvation. We havent met with her since last week when we taught her the rest of the Restoration. Our ward mission leader (who has been helping us) said that he called to try and set up an appointment to meet. she did tell him that she would be meeting with us on monday. (today). And he thinks it's a litle weird so he told her he couldn't. We are teachign her today with the RS president. She is great and it will be good to have her there so she can help us answer some of her questions. We're going to ask her to be baptized today. I'll let you know how it goes!
We met with Anna Kim again this week. We went to her academy where she works and she was super nice. We planned to teach her the Restoration in more detail since we didn't get to teach her as much last time. She ended up asking a lot of questions about our church and about missionaries. She is so fascinated with our church and with the orginazation of it, with all of the missionaries that are out serving and what makes us different. So we talked a lot about that with her. She is super nice and said she would start reading the Book of Mormon. We are meeting with her again on friday.
We continue to meet with 박인영 (Park Een Young) and do 30/30 program with her. She only has english interest, but she always is very acceptive and willing to listen to our lessons. She wants to get a job working for Korean Air as a flight attendant, but needs to be able to speak english. We taught her the Restoration last week and she thought it was good and stuff. She just needs to feel something. She said she would read the Book of Mormon, but she hasn't been. So we are tryign to work on that.
So remember how i told you about the less active member that we invited to come with us to the fireside with sister burton? The one that we called at the very end after calling like 18 people? Well ever since the fireside, she has been coming to church again!!! Sister Koo told me that she is not in a good relationship with her daughters (who are also members) and that our ward leaders told us not to contact her daugters (who are in their late 20's) So we never did. But, yesterday the less active member came to church with one of her daughters!!!! The ward members were SO welcoming to her. Gave her huge hugs. I went up and introduced myself and she was super nice. it was a miracle!!!! yayyy!!!
Last night i was out street contacting at the very end of the night. We were walking back home and this random guy comes up to me out of nowhere and he points to my Book of Mormon and says "책!" which means book- so i hold up the book and he puts his hand out like he wants it. so i stuck my card in real quick and started telling him a little about it. He walked off and started looking through it and then crossed the street and was gone. it was so crazy but cool!!! i hope he reads it.
Funny experiences this week: Sister Ahn and I had to make invitations to this ward thing we are having, so we got permission to go to the library to type it up and print it. I wish you could have seen us sitting there tryign to figure out microsoft word in korean. first of all, we haven't been on microsoft word in like 7 months and second, it's all in korean. it was so funny. hahahaha
I got on the bus the other day and as i was walking up the stairs, I completely BIFFED it. face planted it. hahaahhah everyone on hte bus started making all these noises and saying things in korean and i was dying i was laughing so hard. i just got up and said "it's fine" in korean and sat down. what a classic foreigner.
This week as I was studying Alma 19, I was learning about Ammon teachign King Lamoni and how King Lamoni fell to the earth like he was dead. The queen had complete faith that Ammon was called of God and that her husband really would rise again the next day. The queen said she has no witness of his word, but she believed. Ammon compliments her for her exceeding faith and tells her that There has not been such great faith among all the people of the Nephites. It made me realize that everyone has potential in them. Even the rudest people we talk to on the street has potential and may have more faith than we expect. i thought that was really cool.
I love you! I am so thankful to be a missionary and to serve in Korea. I love it here. I love you! Thanks for everything. prayers and letters and love and support you give me!!!!
Rach- good job at state!!!!! You are awesome!!! I thought about you!!! Have fun this last week or so of high school!! I love you!
D-man- i can't believe you are almost out of school! last sunday night of the year! your UVU camp will be way fun! make a list of s-bobs. haha love you!
Ellie- great job in school! You are awesome! The state meet sounds so fun! thanks for writing me letters this week!
Jane- the bunny you made in sewing is so cute!!! young womens sounds so fun. are you all done with track? i love you!
Addie- good job on your talk about Samuel the Lamanite! he was so cool. we are always blessed when we follow the prophet. how is soccer? are you still reading little house on the prarie? i love you!
Isaac- fathers and sons sounds soooo fun!!! i'm glad you had so much fun. i'm so proud of you for being reverent in primary!! the zoo sounds so cool. i love you!!
Mom and Dad- i love you!!! Thanks for all you do. you are the best. have a great week!!!! love you!
Sis Tara Anderson

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