Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! And since it's June 16th in Korea, happy anniversary mom and dad! Are you doing anything fun for the day? <3 I love you! Hope you guys have a great day!!

This week was pretty good. Our investigators are doing ok. They are progressing very slowly, but at least they're progressing a little bit. We're still working hard with our families to work towards a date to find someone to learn about the gospel. I'll tell you about how that's going later in the letter.

박인영 (park een young) is doing pretty good. We are still teaching her English, but should probably start wrapping up the 6 week program pretty soon here. She is so sweet and barely progressing. She has actually been reading the BOM assignments we give her so that's good. She really seems to have no interest in the gospel so I've been thinking and praying a lot for her lately. We felt like it would be good to talk about how the BOM answers our questions, and had her choose a question she has off of the list of "questions of the soul" in PMG and we are going to talk about it next time. So this week we are going to teach her about "how to avoid sin." It makes me sad that she doesn't have gospel interest. We talked about having faith in Christ and becoming like him and she said she doesn't even want that. :( She really is so sweet and I know the gospel can change her life if she would let it. I'll keep praying to know how to help her.

We met with 김경애 this week and she also brought her friend. She taught us her 30 minutes of Bible first. Because we taught her the Plan of Salvation last time, she talked all about how the fall is not part of HF's plan. We showed her tons of scriptures in the BOM talking about how it's part of the plan and stuff. Because she doesn't believe the BOM, she doesn't believe anything we show her from the BOM. Her friend was getting all into it and starting trying to Bible bash, but we didn't let it happen. We just bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and talked about how important it is and how it has changed our lives. She is actually keeping her commitment and usually reads the BOM so that's good. Her friend isn't coming this week though.

Anna Kim was too busy to meet last week so we didn't get to see her. We are planning on meeting her this week though. I am interested to follow up on the temple and what she thought while we were there. We are going to focus more on Joseph Smith and the BOM before we go on. That is the one thing she is struggling with. I really want her to get a testimony of Joseph Smith and the BOM.

We met two new investigators this week. We met their dad in our elevator of our apartment. They live like 4 floors above us. One of them is a high school student and the other is a jr high student. They are really nice. We are doing the family english program with them. We shared a message about who we are and showed them the Mormon message "Our true identity" It was good. their mom was there and listened to our message too so that was good.
We saw a cool miracle this week. After we walked out of 김경애's lesson, we were going to street contact, and this guy walks up to us and he's like hey! is your church around here? and we were like yeah! He said "becaus of your church, i quit smoking. I am trying to stop drinking but it's so hard. I know that if i want to be baptized it's a covenent with God so I have to stop drinking" We were like whaaatttt? Where did he come from??! He told us that he went to Australia for 1 year and studied English. While he was there he met with missionaries and they taught him quite a bit. He told us that he still reads the BOM and tries to pray. When we saw him, he had been home for 4 days. We were so excited to meet him! he told us that he's really into our church. We talked to him for a while and he said he would come to church on sunday. He told us that some elders in the Sydney Australia mission taught him. Sister Ahn had some Elders in her district in the MTC that went to Sydney, Korean speaking, so she asked him if he knew any of them. She showed him a picture and he knew one of them. He said hey! he taught me 2 lessons! How crazy is that?! We were way excited. He is so nice. His name is 명훈 (or his English name is Sean) he is awesome! He told us that he woudl come to church with us and meet us at the subway station sunday morning. So on sunday we went to the station and he didn't come. He didn't answer his phone or anything. So we went to church by ourselves. He called during relief society and told us he was at the station. He came and went to priesthood with the Elders, but then had to leave. :( he said he would stay for the whole thing next week though. He is awesome! really a miracle!!
Ok i have to run. Yesterday we visited one of the families we are working with to find someone to share the gospel with. it went really well. They are going to set a date. I'll tell you more next week about that.
Sorry i have no time to write something to everyone! I know this email is lame and kind of scattered. sorry! I love you all! Happy father's day dad!!! you are the best dad! thank you all for your emails to me!!! I love you!
Sis. Tar Anderson

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