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June 9, 2014

Hi! This week was great. time really is flying by. I cannot believe we're already into a week in june. crazy. So apparently monsoon season is about to start. then typhoon season will start. then it gets super hot after that. in july and august. Everyone is telling us to brace ourselves. haha it will be crazy! I got my "fancy crocs" the other day, so i'm readyy. bring it on.

This week went by really fast. We got our transfer calls on friday night. Our district leader is going home, but everyone else is staying. We screamed when we found out!! We are so happy. Our district is super close and we have so much fun together. We are going to have a district party today since our district leader is going home.

We had zone training meeting and our focus for this month is being a disciple of Christ. It's the same as it was last month. So this month we are focusing on helping our investigators become disciples of Christ. We are trying hard this month to improve our teaching. Someone said "treat teaching like it's your olympic sport" constantly try and improve your teaching.We studied Alma 22 about Aaron and his "lesson plan" when he taught. It was a really good training.

I went on exchanges with Sister Evans (one of the sis training leaders in our zone) and went to Nokbeon where she serves. It was really good. I learned a ton from her. We talked a lot about feeling successful as a missionary. Sometimes I struggle feeling successful because my investigators arent' progressing the way I want them to, or I wonder if Heavenly Father is pleased with me or if i'm doing enough...etc. So we talked a lot about that. We also talked about not letting Satan affect our confidence and tear us down. I feel like I have had a lot of that. Not feeling capable, or inadequate... etc. She reminded me of what Elder Cook said when he came to our mission conference. At the end of conference, he left us with an Apostolic blessing. He said "I bless your hearts to be full of joy and love... you will have the assurance that as you build the kingdom here, you will be filled with peace that you have success in the Lord's eyes. You won't let statistics affect the way you feel successful." I loved that. She helped me a lot. She is great. We were able to teach a few different lessons to her investigators. We were supposed to go teach a lesson with one of her investigators, but she cancelled, so we were walking around and then we ran into another one of her investigators. She is in the hospital, but walked outside to get fresh air... so we went up and talked to her in her room. She was super nice. Then the patient that was on the other side of the room got up and started talking to us too. She is a Jehovah's witness, but was nice. We had a really good time and I learned a ton from Sis Evans.

This week we met with 김경애 (Kim gyoung aye) and taught her the plan of salvation. She really believes in the plan of salvation, but she doesn't believe that the Fall was part of God's plan. So we are trying to help her understand that better. She is actually reading the Book of Mormon, which is cool. She is keeping commitments, so she is progressing slowly. She loves meeting with us for some reason. We still discuss the Bible first for a little bit, and then teach her our lesson.

On friday, we went to Anna Kim's academy place where she teaches, and she fed us lunch. She is so sweet. Then we got in the car and drove to Seoul. We went and visited the temple with her and she loved it. She is so fascinated by it. We walked around the grounds and then we went inside the waiting room (entrance part) and taught her a lesson. You can feel the Spirit so strong when you walk into the temple. I love going from the busy streets of Seoul and drive up one block to the temple and stepping onto the grounds. Somehow it's quiet on the temple grounds. I love it. Anyways, we taught her a little bit about the temple and family history... etc. talked about the importance of Baptisms for the dead and stuff like that. We also talked about We saw a lady in our ward, who is a temple matron and she came and talked to us for a minute. We invited her to come to church, and so did the temple matron, but Anna Kim said no, i like to be with my family on sunday and they're not interested in religion. So we are going to try and figure out a way to get her to come. She loves our church! I just want her to come to church one day. I asked her how she felt in the temple and she said it's the same as she felt when she visited the nun's convent in Italy. (not really the response i was expecting... haha) anyways, it was overall a really good time. She is really intrigued and it was good for her to see the temple and learn more about it. When we were getting ready to leave she said "oh i don't want to leave" we talked about how peaceful the temple is and the spirit that we feel there. it was great.

We are still meeting with 박인영 (park een young) , but we are probably going to be done teaching her soon. We are doing the 6 week 30/30 english gospel program with her and she's not really progressing. :( She never reads the BOM. she always listens to our message though. I love her and I wish she was more interested in the gospel. We'll teach her this week and then have to decide what we will do.

So our ward is doing a plan where the missionaries are meeting with each of the families in the ward. This month my comp and I are assigned to 4 different families. We are meeting with them and we are going to try and set a date for them to invite someone to meet with the missionaries. It doesn't have to be anytime soon. It can be months down the road, but we want them to start praying about a date, and praying for the Lord to help them find someone who is ready to hear the gospel. It can be a family member, friend, or just any person. I have been studying for this a lot and thinking about member missionary work. I dont' want the members to think we are doing this for us. We might not even be in this area to receive the referral, but we want them to have this experience. I have been studying PMG and 'The Power of Everyday Missionaries" book and here are a few of my ideas of how we can help them. I am sharing them with you, because I think it would be a good idea for our family to do the same thing. 
-Set a date to work towards
-study the restoration. When you study the restoration, it gets you excited about the gospel and more interested in sharing it!
-fast and pray for the opportunity to find someone to refer to the missionaries. Ask Heavenly Father to help you be aware of opportunities, and to prepare people
-be prepared with items- BOMs, pamphlets, etc. Things that you can share with the people you talk to
-look for opportunities to serve others- people will be more receptive if you show love and serve them
-practice what you will say so it's not awkward. We do this all the time. We role-play our lessons. It helps a ton. 
-remember that sharing the gospel is SO important. No matter what the result is!
-read "set goals and deadlines" chapter of 'The Power of Everyday Missionaries" it's great

As I was reading The Power of Everyday Missionaries this week, there was a line that stuck out to me. It said "Every calling in one way or another, can be transformed into a missionary calling." It's true! 

Mom- i'm so proud of all of your missionary experiences in New York! You are the best missionary! I can totally picture the awkwardness of talking to people on a subway when nobody is talking (story of my life) and then you strike up a conversation and everyone looks at you because it's quiet. At least more people get to hear our message! I am so glad you placed Book of Mormons. You are awesome!
Dad- you sound like you have a busy week of basketball games and coaching down at the UVU camp. Are you coaching all 15 of d-man's games next week? I loved hearing about Family night at Baba and Grandmas house and learning about Baba's grandpa who was a convert from Sweden. Will you send me stories of how each of our ancestors joined the church? I want to know more about the people who joined the church in our families. 
Rach- New York sounds like a blast! I can totally picture everything. Cafe Lalo, yes the "you've got mail" cafe. We (the girls) have to go! We will someday. I LOVE THAT YOU ATE KOREAN FOOD. how was the kimchi??? hahahah and the tofu. I actually don't mind tofu that much. It's kind of the "lesser of the evils" sometimes at dinner. Who knows though. The American version may have been more strange. I have never had Korean bbq. sounds good though! love you!
Dman- good luck with all 15 games this week! have fun eating at golden corral for every meal though. Haha and have fun with Savior of the World! take it seriously! It was a really incredible experience. I think about it all the time. love you phee!
Ellie- i love hearing about the fun things you do with your friends. I feel like you and jane girl are mini versions of me. :) Riding to harmons sounds so fun! And going to farmington pool sounds like it was really fun. I love the "double mint" picture of you and jane both doing backflips looking exactly the same! ;) love you!
Jane- Your water party sounds like it was really fun! And farmington pool sounds way fun too. Have fun at your sleepover! I think it's really cool that you learned about bees and beehive in young womens. How is violin? Are you still doing it? i love you!!
Addie- i got your emails! it sounds like you had a lot of fun helping Baba and Grandma this weekend. You got a ballerina necklace from New York? That's so cool! Send me a picture! Are you still doing soccer? How is ballet? do you have a recital soon? love you!
Isaac- you were so brave at the pool! I heard you were doing wild tricks and jumping off the high dive. you are so cool. you got a policeman New York shirt? that's awesome. I would rather fall off a house than a mountain because mountains are very high. would you rather see a cougar or see a bear in the forest? i love you!
I love you all!!! have a great week!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

sis tara anderson

"After mission conference. My MTC best friends! Sister Bagley, a korean sister in Seoul south, Sister Driscoll, Sister Glauser, me, and Sister Hoffman! LOVE THEM!"

"Lunch with Anna Kim and one of her little students."

"Elder Kaufusi - the AP that goes home on Wednesday. :( "

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