Friday, July 25, 2014

July 21, 2014

This week we got transfer calls and I'm transferring to Nokebon. I am so sad to be leaving WonDang, but thankful for every day that I got to serve here. I learned so much from the ward members and from being in this area. I am excited to serve in Nokebon and look forward to meeting new people there. Nokebon is actually in the same zone and same stake so I will be close. I am sad to leave my district and the girls in my house too! We have had so much fun together. I hope i grow to love my new area as much as i love WonDang!

We met with park een young this week and talked to her about the commandments. We specifically talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy since she works everyday and can't come to church. We promised the blessings that come from keeping keeping the Sabbath day holy, and talked about trying to switch her schedule so she could come to church but she can't and doesn't really want to. We talked a lot about being obedient and the blessings that always come when we obey God. We found out that she isn't interested in the gospel enough to keep meeting with her without doing English. This week will be the last lesson we (or Sis. Ahn) will have with her. 

We got a referral from our ward mission leader!! It was a lady who visited the 일산 ilsan ward. Her name is 김애실 (kim aye sheer). She walked in and asked if it was the Mormon church and stayed for Sacrament meeting. She actually lives in our area and really close to our church, so they sent her information over to our Bishop. Anyways, we met with her and with the relief society president in our ward. I don't know how much interest she has in our church, but she had some questions about the Book of Mormon and about our church. We answered her questions and showed her around our church. We invited her to church and she said she would come. We tried calling her on Saturday to remind her and again on sunday, but she never came.

We met with a lady named Christina as well. We met with her about 2 months ago. (she is the one from Fullerton CA) She is gradually opening her heart up to coming to church and believing in God. She used to believe in God, but when she was newly married she had some hard things happen in her life and kind of gave God the blame. She stopped praying to Him and stopped believing that he was there. She said now days she feels lonely and wants to believe in God. She is being very cautious though and is slowly opening back up. She is starting to look for the truth. She actually said she would come to church in a few weeks. (she just started a job and can't come for a few weeks). She is so sweet. I really think someday she will come to know that this church is true. Right now, it is just taking a little bit of time.

김휘, Kim hooee (my recent convert) came to church again this week. We taught her part of the 5th lesson during Sunday School. We had a member (who is about her same age) come and help us. The lesson went well. We talked about eternal marriage and temples and family history. She had some questions and we are hoping to get her to the temple to do baptisms soon. She is doing great though. I am sad to leave now that she is coming back, but I think the ward will take good care of her. They all love her so much.

This week I was thinking a lot about feeling close to Heavenly Father and the times when I have felt the closest to Him. As I look back, I have always felt close to Him, but I realize that some of the times that I have felt the very closest to Heavenly Father are the hardest times in my life. I was thinking about my experience in the MTC and how my prayers were the most sincere prayers I have probably ever given in my life. I poured my heart out constantly, pleading for help. I felt so alone and Heavenly Father was the only one I could always turn to. I realize that Heavenly Father was and is right by my side every step of the way. I also realize the power of our personal prayers and that the more sincere our prayers are, the closer we will feel to Him. I am also thankful for these experiences that humble me and make me rely on Christ more than ever in my life. The power of the Atonement has carried me throughout my mission. I am so thankful for every day I have to serve. 

Yesterday was probably one of the most stressful days. I had to speak in church since I am leaving, and then they decided to do a missionary fireside and had me and 2 elders speak at it. Also, all of the missionaries sang Armies of Helaman and I played the piano. It actually turned out good. I was so nervous to speak because I had zero time to prepare, so I was writing my talk as we were in the car driving to the fireside after a dinner appointment. ahh. Everyone was so sweet though. I was so sad sayign goobye to all of the cute kids. Some of them made me cute cards that said sister anderson! we love you! always think about us... and tons of cute little pictures. I took a picture with some of them and gave the kids that were at the fireside Korean CTR rings. We all took pictures together. I hate saying goobye. they are adorable! I am so sad to leave this area, but I am SO thankful for the chance I have had to serve here. 

Thanks for all of your emails! I love hearing about all of the fun things that happened last week! 
Rach: your life is one party after the next. :) Everythigns sounds so fun. hiiiiii looonnniee
D-man: how are the braces? i can't believe LeBron is going back to the Cavs! s-bob every night. classic
Ellie: I love that you are making a quilt! Tiff is the cutest to teach you! Lagoon and Cherry Hill sounds fun!!
Jane: the picture of your afhgan is so cool! I'm so impressed! keep sending pics. did you have fun boating?
Addie: Good luck at school tomorow!! think of the fun breaks you will have when everyone else is in school :) i bet your teacher is really nice! 
Isaac: good luck at school tomorrow too!! you will have so much fun with all of your friends. And you get to eat lunch at school! i would rather get eaten by a whale too. a shark would be scarier i think.
Mom and Dad: i love you! Thanks for helping me and praying for me! :) You are the best parents. I l love you!

Love, Sis Tara Anderson

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