Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 7, 2014

This week was pretty good. I went on exchanges, had president interviews and met with each of our investigators so it went by pretty quick. 
 We met with 김경애 on tuesday and taught her the first part of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so mainly just faith and repentance. She agreed with everything we were saying and liked the lesson. She kept throwing in "amens" throughout the lesson. We are planning on finishing teaching her lesson 3 this week. She agrees with everything we teach and thinks it's all important, but she just really thinks that knowing the Bible inside and out is THE most important thing. I'm not really sure how to switch her mindset. She didn't read the BOM last week, which I was really sad about. :( I'll keep praying for her though.

We finished teaching 박인영 the gospel of Jesus Christ this week as well. She always has lots of questions, which is really good. She has a lot more interest than she did in the first place, which means she is heading in the right direction. We showed her that the principles of the gospel are like steps that lead us to live with Heavenly Father again. She understands and thinks it's good, but right now, that's not really her biggest interest. She mainly just cares about work and her social life. I wish she had more of a desire and could see the importance of religion. She is usually pretty good about reading the Book of Mormon chapters we assign though, which is good. I think we are going to really focus on the importance of the BOM as we teach her this week.

We were finally able to meet with Anna Kim this week! The lesson actually went really well. We brought a member with us, and she LOVED the member. They totally hit it off, which was perfect. We showed the Restoration film and talked about how we gained our personal testimonies of Joseph Smith, since that's what she is having a hard time with. She was actually a lot more open and accepting this time. The member we invited did a great job and shared her testimony of how she joined the church and came to know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Anna Kim had a lot of questions and the member was able to help us answer some of them, so it was really good. At one point, Anna left to go to the restroom, and when she was out of the room, Sis Ahn asked me if we should still invite her to be baptized. (We had picked a date, and were planning on asking). The member said she thought maybe Anna should read the BOM, and then see, so maybe we should wait. Then, Anna Kim came back in and so we finished the lesson. While we were finishing, I kept thinking about what we should do. I was worried that the member would feel bad if we completely went against what she said, but I kept feeling like we should. So we did. She accepted the soft baptismal commitment, but said she doesn't know if she will be ready by the date. We continued to talk about baptism and she had some questions about it. She seemed more comfortable with the idea after we talked about it more. I am really glad we asked her and we will continue to help her work towards baptism.

We met with Sean this week as well, and finally referred him the elders. They came with us to the lesson and we taught him the Restoration, since it had been a while since he learned it in Australia. He said he isn't really sure about baptism right now. He can't decide if he wants to or not. The elders are going to start meeting with him now.

Random things:

- This week while street contacting, we were walking around and saw this lady sitting in the back of her little restaurant making kimchi so we went and talked to her. She was super nice and then fed us some of her kimchi. She told us it was spicy, but we didn't think it would be too bad so we ate it. I should have known, if a Korean person tells you it's spicy, then it's SPICY. hahah Sis Ahn and I were dying. hahahah our eyes were watering and I felt like a fire breathing dragon. ha ha ha. 

- We met this old grandpa named Sam. He was so nice. he's 82 years old and lived in America for 40 years. Speaks great english and told us he loves mormons. He was giving us all this advice on converting people. ha ha. he kept saying it's so hard to convert koreans. but you just get them to come to church and tell them about the word of wisdom. He was saying all of this as if he was a member himself. haha he kept saying you just gotta work hard honey. he was so sweet. he said he would be a member himself, if he didn't have a word of wisdom prob. Basically "grandpa sam" (he told us to call him that) was so great and i hope someday he uses some of his own tactics to convert himself. ha ha.

-A guy full on asked me on a date yesterday. A 50 or 60 year old man. I told him that i can't because i'm a missionary and he told me he would take me to dinner and drink water because I don't drink alcohol, but i kept telling him no and then i left. ha ha. no not happening. 

-4th of July was pretty much a normal day. We ate at KFC to celebrate. And the korean version of kfc is not the same. it was still fun though :) 

At interviews with Presient this week, one of the things we talked about was pondering and receiving answers to our ponders. After interviews this week, I thought a lot about pondering and I have been trying harder to ponder during each personal study. I was reading in D&C 138 this week and read about President Joseph F. Smith's experience he had when he saw Christ preaching the gospel to those who had died. I noticed that it said it all started with him pondering on the scriptures and thinking and reflecting on Christ's sacrifice for us. It also said later on in the section that as he wondered, his eyes of understanding were opened and the spirit of the Lord rested upon him. I think it's really cool that he was able to have such a cool experience and it all started with pondering.

I loved hearing about everything you did at Lake Powell! Sounds so fun! I'm so proud of the bunnies for slalom skiing and beaut and marv doing the ski skimmer! Ratch, i'm glad you skiied with one leg just for me. and D-man, i saw you got some sweet air on the wakeboard. Mom and Dad you are the best. I love you so much! thanks for sending me a letter from LP! i love you so so much.

have a good week!! xoxoxooxox 

Sister Tara Anderson

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