Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 13, 2014


This week it was so so good to listen to Conference! We watched part on friday, part on sunday, and the women's session this morning. We were crammed in the clerk's office this morning watching it off the internet. it was fun! Also it was so fun to finally see the girls singing I love to see the temple!! They are so cute!!!! loved it so much!
 The other days we were in the little visitor's center in our church that has a flat screen on the wall. I wrote down 4 or 5 specific questions I had regarding myself and my investigators that I was hoping I would receive answers to, and I got an answer to every one of them. It was so good! One of my favorite talks was Elder Bednar's talk in the last session about why we share the gospel- because we want to share what makes us feel good and let others experience the same. So good!! I also loved Pres. Uchtdorf's, Elder Scott's, Pres. Eyering, and Pres. Monson's talks. Conference is the best!!!!

A highlight of conference was that 박정미 (park jong me)  came to the Saturday morning session of Conference! We taught her earlier in the week with a member who is about her same age. They have become really good friends and it was really helpful having her there. Having the member there seemed to help her open up and ask more questions. It went a little different than we had originally planned, but it went well. We talked about the Priesthood and why we need to be baptized through Christ's restored Priesthood. She still doesn't fully understand that, but we were able to help explain, with the member, why our church is the only church that has the priesthood. She has been taught all of this before, but I think it's just taking a while for her to fully understand everything. Anyways, the member helped her decide to come to conference and then they sat together. She said it was really good and she felt so peaceful to hear God's word. I am going to see her on Tuesday before I leave, and then she will have a lesson on Wednesday again with the same member.

I'm being transferred to 길음. it's in the east part of seoul. i think? not really sure. excited and nervous! Korean companion again!

We are no longer able to get in contact with 진영선. She wont' respond to our texts or calls. We invited her to conference and she didn't respond or come. I told her I want to see her before I leave but she won't respond. :( :(

We met some really cool people through 전도 (street contacting) this week. We set some return appointments and are meeting with some new people this week. (well Sis. Fuller will meet them). 
I am sad to leave 녹번 but excited to meet new people in 길음. Leaving an area is always hard but I know that It is where Heavenly Father needs me and I will go and do my best. I am thankful that I could serve here with Sister Fuller. She is awesome and I learned tons from her.

ok sorry this letter is so random and jumping everywhere.
We had dinner with all 12 missionaries at these sweet member's house. They are an elderly couple in the ward that remind me of Baba and Grandma. They went all out and made so much good food. They were so sweet and loving having everyone over. Kept saying how happy they were and took lots of pics. I told her thank you so much and that she reminds me of my grandma. They were so adorable. Made me miss bobs and grandma :)

Biking along the Han river was SOOO fun!!! We went and played football on the grass with our district along the river. Reminded me of San Diego along the beaches where there is grass. Anyways, of course I got way into it and had a blast!!!

alright i have to run!!! 
rdejai- i love all of you!!! thanks for your letters! i miss you and love you and think about you! you are my best friends! (and mom and dad :)) have a good week!!!

Sis Tara Anderson

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