Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 20, 2014

Well tons has happened since last week. Transfers and I'm in a new area. My new area is in the main part of Seoul more. I really like it! Tons of hills and neighborhoods. It's different from my last area in some ways, but similar in some ways too. My last ward was huge and this ward is tiny! I'm excited to meet more ward members. I live with 2 other sisters. One of them is sister Haynie who is from Burley Idaho. She is training a korean girl who joined the church a year ago. Sister Haynie and I served together when I was a greenie and went on exchanges together once. She is super sweet. She goes home 6 weeks before me. We are already really good friends so it's fun living with her. My comp is super sweet too. She is super solid and has a strong testimony. I really like her.

So we have already seen some really cool things here. First I will tell you about an investigator we have. Her name is Hanna. Her husband is a member but was LA for a long time. After her married her he introduced her to the church and has being coming ever since. She has been meeting with the missionaires for like 6 months or something. She has had 2 other baptism dates but her husband always tells her no and that she's not ready. Nobody could figure out why she wanted to be baptized, but her biggest opposition was her husband who is a member. So she has a baptismal date of this saturday and when we met her last week, she said her husband said no. My comp called and talked to him and he said they are moving next month and that she will get baptized after they moved. :( So we (all four sisters in our area) decided to fast for her and for her husband's heart to be softened. We taught her the other night and told her that we were fasting for her. She was really shocked and touched by the fact that we were doing that. Yesterday at church, her husband was still pretty set in his way, but thanked the missionaries for helping his wife. Then last night we got a call from Hanna. She said that her husband told her the reason for putting off her baptism. He felt like he is unworthy to baptize her since he was less active for a while so he kept delaying it. But they called up the Bishop and talked to him and the bishop said that he is worthy and he can baptize her. So he gave the Ok and she is being baptized this saturday. Hanna said she thinks it is from the fasting that touched his heart and made him open up. Miracle!!!

We are also teaching a 10 year old girl who's mom is LA. Her aunt has been bringing her to church for a while and she has been taught by missionaries. Yesterday we taught her with 3 other primary kids and her aunt. The other primary kids are her friends and were so adorable in helping us teach the lesson and go over baptism interview questions. They are such good little missionaries! She is being baptized this saturday!

We met with one investigator this week and it was her second time meeting missionaries. She is actually the cousin of one of the elders serving in our zone. She is 19. Her name is Joo yoon. She really likes missionaries and usually comes to church. She is super sweet. We invited her to be baptized next month and she accepted it and accepted nov. 15 as her baptism date! yay!

So the elders gave us a referral the other night. They have an investigator who is really old- like in his 80's And they told us to come meet his "granddaughter". We went with elders to  the man's house. He lives in a tinny villa apartment thing and his house is pretty sketchy. haha. anyways, we met the girl. Turns out she is actually not his granddaughter. She is 18 years old and is Chinese. SHe was born in korea and when she was 3 days old her mom abandoned her and went back to China. She has no family. Complete orphan. An old lady helped raise her and this man (the elder's investigator) was involved in helping poor kids in China get an education. So he has like no money, but he has raised money to help kids in the past. So he has tried to help her. He is kind of like a grandfather or father figure to her. anyways, we met her and she is absolutely adorable. The old guy kept saying: "Anderson. you have to help her." Anderson you have to help her." You are her American 어니 (oh nee which means older sister) So we got to know her and taught her about the BOM and she really liked it. She was so touched and grateful that we gave it to her. I told her that sometimes I feel lonely here in Korea. My family is in America and I'm all by myself here. Sometimes I feel alone. But when I read this book, I feel comforted and I don't feel alone. I know that no matter where we are, Heavenly Father knows us and loves us and we can pray to him anytime. She said that growing up, she had no family or anything. just the lady who was raising her. So she would come home and hug her dolls and call them 어니 (sister) and talk to them. She was so grateful that she met us and started calling me 어니. She said she wants to meet with us again. The bummer is that she lives pretty far. But she said she will come back. We ended up going to eat some food at a tiny WAY cheap chinese resturant and after, we took her to the train station to go home. She texted us after and said thank you so much. This day has so much meaning to me... She is so sweet. I can't even tell you how much i love her even though I barely know her! She was actually pretty interested in our message. I hope we can meet her again soon.

ok i'm writing the rest of my stuff in a seperate letter to you guys

Sis Tara Anderson

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