Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014

This week was good! It was super busy but a lot of good things happened!
Saturday was really busy with the baptisms, mission exhibition, and the ward halloween party. The baptism went really well. It was really neat to hear Hanna get up and share her testimony. Her parents who are Catholic came and supported her so that was really cool too. I think it was a really special day for both Hanna and 윤비 (yoon bee). In our last lesson with Hanna before her baptism, our commitment was to meet Sis Lee at the temple in one year so she can be sealed to her family. She really wants to be sealed to her family forever so she said she will.  She is moving next week to Seoul South mission so we will refer her to them for the RC lessons. We are going to start doing the RC lessons with 윤비 this week.

We met with 전주윤 (jeon joo yoon) yesterday and taught her the plan of salvation. She accepts everything well and never has any questions which is a little hard. We try to ask her questions to get her to respond to make sure she understands well. We asked her to explain the plan to us after and she explained really well. I asked her what she needs to do in order to live in the Celestial Kingdom with Heavenly Father and so we talked about the gospel and baptism... etc. She said she still wants to be baptized next month. She came to church yesterday and is keeping commitments. 

We got a referral from the elders this week. It was a girl they met and invited to the halloween party. She came and brought a friend. They are both high school students and are super cute. They had a ton of fun at the halloween party and made friends with some of the young women. One of them was going to come to church yesterday but slept in on accident but they are both planning on coming this sunday.

So on saturday we had to scrub the baptism font before the baptism and i was in there and suddenly this MASSIVE spider comes crawling out from the drain and Sister Haynie and I both freaked out and thankfully the elders caught it and killed it, but it was so scary and so funny at the same time. hahaha we just have so many random things happen.

I have to describe sunday mornings to you. Because it's just so different than the typical sunday morning in Utah. So all the missionaries greet the members at the door or on the road so we see them all roll in 9:55. (typical mormon style) but instead of the suburbans all flying into the parking lot, taxis all pull up and members hop out. I love it. Meanwhile, the other church across the street meets in like the 4th floor of a building and they have like a rock band and all the members sing to it and it's soooo funny. hahhaa i love korea so much.

the ward halloween party was a success. We had lots of different activities and it turned out to be really fun. the donught on a string game (except with choco pies), the cake walk, bobbing for apples- except we did cure- a fruit similar to cuties, fishing... etc. The 4 sister missionaries were crayons. it was fun!

This week I studied Alma 36 about repentance/forgiveness and thought about Alma when he testified to Helaman and told his conversion process and how he went from being racked with his sins in pain and horror, and then remembering his father's prophecy unto the people concerning the coming of Christ to atone for the sins of the world. When he remembered, he was harrowed up by the memory of his sons no more. Then had joy and light and exquisite and sweet joy and longed to be with God. I think it's really cool that he remembered the words of his father. It shows that people may not accept what we say now, but later on they may remember the words we speak.  I just love this chapter because it shows how the Atonement can relieve us of such terrible things and carry us to greater heights if we will allow it to.

r- cute costume! glad the howl was fun! jazz game sounds fun too. how's track practice going? i found some old letters you sent me telling me about your races at simplot. crazy. when does indoor start?
d- good job with the mini bowl!!! you are awesome! and nice job in b-ball! i heard you did way good! hopefully ASU gives the utes a beat down this week. hahaha let me know how that goes :)
e- good luck with your math test. i like your costume! you look so cute! Thanks for the package and letters in it! i loved the muellar park leaves! they are on my desk :)
j- your mutual activity sounds fun! i'm so glad you got to see pics from sis lynn! how was your violin concert? thanks for the notes you sent too!! i hung them up on my wall!
a- your nerd costume is ADORABLE! you are the cutest nerd i've ever seen!! send me a pic of your room! how does it look now? how is ballet?? are you going to the nutcracker soon?
i- i would rather jump off a cliff into water because i love cliff jumping. what would you rather do? what are you being for hallloween? are you excited? you are very smart because you can do hard things in school. 

i love you all!!! have a good week! 
love sis tara anderson 
"The day we went biking on the river a few weeks ago."

"A way cute little boy from the last ward!" 

"Creepy pig thing next to the church in the last area hahaha"

"My last district. (I never sent these pics so I'm sending them now)"

"Sister Haynie and I at the halloween party. We went as crayons haha :)"

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