Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hi everyone!

This week was good. We didn't have very many lessons, but we got to be out talking to people a lot so that was good. We had a ward activity and we all went hiking through a pass in Bukhansan Mountain. It was a ton of fun and so fun to be up in the mountains. (i miss the mountains a lot!) It was a great opportunity to talk to members and get to know some better. One thing about Korea is that EVERYONE hikes. haha all people like 40 or older hike. They all have their special hiking clothes they wear all the time and are constantly going. so fun. haha. Anyways,  We invited a lot of investigators and potential investigators. Sadly none could come, but we still had a good time with the members and it was way pretty.

So for the month of october, Sister Fuller and I are cuttting out sweets, white flour, and rice. (yes rice the thing we eat at EVERY meal) haha except for member meals, because it's impolite to reject. So, we went to the market and bought tons of fresh veggies and have been eating extra healthy. so fun! The markets here are so great. a million little ladies sitting on the street selling fresh veggies for SO cheap. so much fun. I will have to send a pic next week.

A member took us to lunch this week and took us to eat PIG FEET. haha it actually wasn't too bad, but the thought of eating a pig's foot was a little alarming. the way they eat it is wrapped in a piece of lettuce with some sauce on it. (my favorite food- just with meat other than pig feet) haha.

This week all of the primary kids from the stake came for a thing at our church. They were all in the gym so i went in to say hi and they all came running up to me saying "Anderson Cha mae neem! Anderson cha mae neem!!"  (sister anderson) tugging on my arms and legs and hugging me. HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THE KOREAN CHILDREN!!!! In my area now, there aren't a ton of kids, so i miss all of the sweet kids in my last ward. so much fun to see them. They are like my little siblings. Thanks for sending the pics of the girls singing in the women's session!! I know a whole bunch of them and love them so much. i can't wait to watch it!!!! <3

진영선s (jin young son) cancelled both of our lessons with her this week. It's a bummer when you prepare so much for investigators and really feel like what you have planned will help them and then they cancel. We have been sending her quotes and scriptures throughout the week and usually she doesn't comment back on them. We are staying on top of the ward members- the ones that she knows well- and are making sure they invite her to church and text her. A few members have been really good about that. I continue to fast and pray for her to have a desire to come back. I really hope we can meet with her this week.

We met with 박정미 (park jong me) this week and she is doing really well. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and kind of linked it to the Plan of Salvation. She read one of the chapters we assigned her to this week but apologized because she didn't have it memorized, but when we reviewed it, she knew everything perfectly. When we teach her, I can see the spirit working on her. I really feel like she knows it's true, it's just a lot to take in so she's taking it slow. When I asked her if she believes it's true, she said well this is all new to me. She didn't say yes or no, but I testified and told her that before we came to earth we all knew this plan and wanted this plan. I promised her that if she prays about it, this plan will seem familiar to her and she will know that it is true. We are meeting with her again this wednesday with a member in the ward who is about her same age, who she has met with in the past. I love Sis. Park so so much. She is so great. This week we're going to try to giver her a baptismal date.

This month our focus is the doctrine of Christ, particularly Enduring to the end. I have been thinking a lot about it since training so I studied it a little bit this week. I read Elder Uchtdorf's talk from conference 2 years ago called "of Regrets and Resolutions" He talks about 3 things that many people wished they could change as they were nearing the end of their life. 1. spending time with those they love 2. living up to their potential 3. let themselves be happier. I thought about those things, and then I also thought about the things I am learning from my mission that will help me endure to the end. I wrote a letter to myself for the future, and talked about specific things that I have learned from my mission that I will do for the rest of my life, along with committing myself to the gospel and to be a disciple of Jesus Christ forever.

I am so thankful to be here in Korea. I love being a missionary and I love this gospel with all of my heart. I know that it is true and the only thing that will bring us TRUE happiness in this life. I love you!!! 
r: love you. i love the play by play of your week. :) thanks so much. how's track? can't believe the ags beat byu :'(
d: way to go in football! you are awesome! good luck with sunday night suprises. hahaha
e: i love hearing about your cute things you make in sewing! you are amazing!! send pics!
j: how was conference and girls night? sounds so fun!! i hope you are doing good!! love you!
a: tree house museum sounds so fun!! do you love being out of school?! your sign sounds adorable!
i: can't believe the story of the coyote. that's so cool. i love you more than all the rattlesnakes in the world.

better run. today we're going with our district to bike around the Han River. Super excited! will be a lot of fun. Ohhh we will probably watch conference this weekend. Not really sure. hopefully soon. love you lots!

Sister Tara Anderson
"Zone training with Sister Ahn and Sister Sung who I love!"

"Ward hike with the other sisters!"

"Walking to church"

"Us holding our Books of Mormon in the air"

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