Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014


This week was good! Sister Fuller and I pick a topic to focus on each week and this week was our happiness week. We studied a little about happiness and made it a happy week. It was really fun. Nothing much happened to make it extra happy, but we just were focusing on being more happy and we were. kind of fun. 
Anyways, going to the temple this week was so good. It always feels so good to be there. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to go each transfer. I have noticed that I kind of rely on the temple in a way. I look forward to it so much each transfer and I begin to feel a need for it when I haven't' gone in a while. I am thankful for the chance to go regularly and to depend on the strength that we get from the temple. That will definitely be something that I rely on regularly for the rest of my life. After the temple, we went to a buffet with all of the missionaries (2 zones) and then went to President Christensen's house and made cookies and played games. It was a blast! Probably one of the funnest p-days yet. 

As far as investigators go, this week we were able to meet 진영선 and miraculously with a member! We have been trying so hard to meet with her and a member but members would cancel, or sis jean would cancel and we couldn't seem to make it work. But finally, on friday it worked out perfect. We met with the stake president's wife. She is awesome. Sis jean was kind of difficult to work with. She went over to the corner of the room and plugged in her phone and kept texting on it all throughout the meeting. We had a whole lesson planned for her that we really felt she needed. We planned a lot for it and practiced it and then she didn't really want to have a lesson. I still don't understand what she was doing, if she didn't want a lesson, but we were still able to talk a little bit. We followed up on last week's reading in JSH, but she didn't read it so we read some with her. The member shared her conversion story and sis. Jean was touched by it. I was really thankful that the member was willing to share her testimony. Sis. jean thinks that the reason her dad went into the hospital is because of her baptism. (a negative result). And so that's one thing she is still having a problem with. We haven't met with her friend lately because her friend has cancelled. We continue to invite her to church but she doesn't come. We will continue to meet with her and try to help her back.

We meet with 박정미 (park jong me) each week and she is awesome. She read the chapters we asked her to read and always understands. We taught her about our purpose on earth and why we need the gospel of Jesus Christ. She gets everything. I really think she knows it's true. The only problem is she goes to another church and so every week when we invite her to come to church she tells us that she is going to her church.  I think making the change is the hardest part for her. This week we are going to focus more on the plan of salvation. I love her so much and want her to have the faith to take action.

We met with the lady that followed us from the park last week. She is really nice but the lesson was a hard one. She was bouncing everywhere in the Bible showing us 1000 verses and none of them were connecting. We were trying to teach about the Book of Mormon, but had a hard time with her taking over the lesson. We want to try and meet with her and a member but I don't know if she will meet with us again. We shared our testimonies and asked her to read a chapter from the Book of Mormon. 

조현 (cho hyun) is doing awesome. We are going through the lessons again and teaching her. Her mom (former LA) is great too. They come every week and are making more friends. They are so sweet. She came with us to the baptismal service on Saturday and I don't think she has been to one since she was baptized so it was good.

 Recently I have been studying about the Apostasy and dispensations...etc. and going into depth on each part of the Restoration. It has been really good. Dad, I have also been going through and reading the conference talks from last conference and preparing for this conference. I am so so excited for conference!!


This week our ward is having an activity and we're all going hiking somewhere up Bukhansan mountain. I'm sooo excited! So apparently back in the day, North Korea dug tons of tunnels under this mountain to send spies and tanks and stuff into South Korea.  So, When we go we have to bring our foreigner ID cards so they know that we're not spies. haha 

cockroaches: i saw one on the floor of the bathroom in the church last week and freaked out so of course the elders came and went in and caught it. They are always telling us their stories of catching cockroaches at their house and freezing them and stuff. So classic. hahaha but really the cockroaches are so sick. 

anyways..... there are lots of random great things happening but i'll tell you later. After my mission remind me to tell you about the cross man on the bike and phillip o'martin. ha ha.

i better go. i love you! glad Lake powell was fun! always is. sounds like you all had a blast. i'm glad the ticcaboo ward was fun! i love that cute branch!!! have a good week!! 


Sis Anderson

Here's a link to articles and photos from the Seoul Chuseok Conference

"We all got matching pants. Everyone in Korea wears these. Oh and you can see our yo's (bed mat things) on the group. Yep that's my bed. hahaha"

 "Elder Fonnesbeck, he is one of the AP's and is going home in two weeks."

"My district at the temple."

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