Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hey everyone!!!

This week was good! My new companion is Sister Fuller. She is really nice! She is from Salt Lake and comes from a family of 13 kids! We graduated the same year and she studied at BYU for 2 years as well. We have been working hard ever since she got here and it feels so good! I really like her and am excited for this transfer to learn from her and to work with her. 

We are trying to find some new investigators so we are focusing a lot on finding right now. We talked to some really cool people this week and were able to set up a few appointments. I followed up on the lady that accepted a Book of Mormon last week and she told me that she has been reading it and it's a little hard but she wants to meet so we can talk about it. So that was a miracle! We will be meeting with her next week. I'm really excited. 

Our investigator/ RC (not really sure what to call her right now) is doing good. She was baptized on Aug. 30th but missed church again yesterday because she was down in Busan again spending Chusok with her dad who is in the hospital. So we were bummed she couldn't come and be confirmed but I guess it's important that she is with her dad. We did see her twice this week though. She wanted to see Sis Jeon before she left so she took us to dinner one night. So she invited a friend to her baptism and she referred her friend to us. Her friend has English interest and not very much interest in the gospel, but we met with her and started the Family English program. I think that 진영선 will be a good example to her. She understands our purpose as missionaries and so we are excited to teach her. 

Sister Fuller and I are trying to work with some less active members in the ward so we have been contacting some members and looking through records. We set up an appointment with one and are planning on meeting with her this week. We are also going to meet with some members to find out who some less active members are that we can go find.

The man who the Elders are teaching that sis. jeon and i met is doing great. He is going to be baptized next week! He comes to church every week and now comes to our English classes. The elders meet with him a few times a week and he is doing awesome.

This week I read Ether ch. 6 about the Jaredite's journey to the promised land in the barges. In verse 6 it says they commended themselves unto the Lord their God" then it talks about the mountain waves and furious wind that blew them. Their vessels were tight like unto a dish so they were protected and the winds always blew them toward the promised land. I thought about their journey and compared it to a mission. I liked the part that talked about commending themselves unto the Lord. Giving it all to him and letting His will become theirs. I think this stuck out to me because President Christensen talked about consecration in Mission conference. I love the part about the huge waves and furious winds. I thought about all of the ups and downs and good times and hard times on a mission, but if we are obedient, we will always be protected. Just like the Jaredites were protected because they obeyed and their boats were tight like a dish. I like that the winds always blew them towards the promised land. I think that the "winds" of our missions will always blow us into the direction that we need to go, and then we will progress and become what the Lord wants us to. I'm thankful for the Book of Mormon and the way we can apply it to our lives today.

Mission Conference was really good! It was on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. President and Sister Christensen spoke to us a lot about prayer because that is our focus for the month, and then about obedience, sacrifice, and consecration. It was so so good! We talked about doing all 3 of those things so we can call down on the powers of Heaven to help us in our missionary work. We had a big lunch and did some stuff to celebrate the chusok holiday. Then we had zone training with our zone leaders and sister training leaders. It was really good. It was so fun to see all of my other friends in the mission! i will send some pics.

rach: love hearing about everything at utah state! sounds like a party!
dman: how's football? did you have a game this week?
ell: the ogden temple looks beautiufl! i'm glad you had fun!
jane: i love that you practice spanish with Scott! tell me more about fault in the stars!
add: your birthday looks SO fun! did you get my letter! watch for it! i thought about you!! happy birthday!!! i can't believe you are 9!!!
rid: i'm so proud of you that you are a beast on the soccer field. i would rather jump off of a cliff into the ocean. what would you rather do?

hey R,D,E,J- so this week i am going to be finishing the BOM so I will be starting it again and i have a challenge for you! Let's all start the BOM this week and try and read it before the end of the year! (personal reading) can you do it? I think you can!!!! tell me if you're in!

i love all of you!!! have a great week!!!

Sister Tara Anderson
 "Me and Sister Jackson at conference"

 "My trainer Sister Koo dressed in traditional Korean clothes for the holiday"

 "Sister Atwater from Kaysville"

"Cute little girl in the ward in her traditional clothes at church"

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