Monday, September 22, 2014

September 15, 2014

This week has been a harder one. 진영선 (jean young son) was the lady who got baptized a few weeks ago, but hasn't been to church to get confirmed. The bishop called me a few nights ago and told me that he talked to her on the phone and basically her friend (the one she referred to us) is not the best influence for her. She is against our church and trying to prevent sis. jean from becoming a member. Now sis jean is going back on her testimony and can't the Bishop said she can't be confirmed for a while. She isn't keeping the word of wisdom and has some other problems. She didn't come to church yesterday just because she was tired. I talked to President Christensen about it last night and he said all these things happening is Satan trying to stop her. We are going to teach her the post-baptism lessons, so basically teach her everything all over again. Hopefully she can regain a testimony. Her faith is so shaky right now. Basically the Bishop told me to teach the friend well because if the friend gets a testimony, then sis. jean will be solid. if not, she'll probably leave. Please pray for her! :( 

 We have a few other investigators we are meeting with this week. Doing the 30/30 english/ gospel thing with them.
This week we will meet with 박정미 again. She is a former investigator we found that has english interest but seems to have a lot of potential. We are going to talk about doing english once a month and her coming to english class, but still try to get her to meet with us. 

Randomly a lady called us up this week and asked us about our Family English program and is interested in doing it. I'm not sure if she has met with missionaries or not before so we will find out with her. She seems really nice so hopefully that will go ok.

We found a less active family that we are going to try and work with. They are all members and the mother served a mission and used to be the RS president. The whole family is LA now. :( It makes me so sad.We want to get their family to come back. They are really nice people. 

We went to the temple this week with 초현 (Cho hyuen- Recent Convert) and did baptisms. It was really good. I think she really liked it. it felt really peaceful there and I think she could feel that. She was happy. 
Also, this was kind of crazy! Right as we were leaving the temple I ran into Amy Doxey (now Amy Hatch) a friend from High School outside on the grounds. It was so crazy. She has been living in China with her husband and came to korea for the weekend because of her travel visa. it was so bizarre to run into someone I know in korea! it was fun to talk for a few minutes and take a picture. I think Heavenly Father was watching out for me because i was feeling so sad on saturday about 진영선 and it cheered me up to see someone I know! So crazy! 

Random things that happened this week:
We had tons of member appointments this week which was fun. We got fed tons of fish, which i loved! (starting to love korean food more and more)
I was at the post office the other day and this Buddhist monk started talking to me.  He was dressed in his "monk" clothes and all. We see them around sometimes but i've never actually talked to one. He was super nice, and asked about missionaries and what we do. Also, right after that I saw a foreigner and so he started talking to us and asked if we were missionaries. He said he was from Arizona and is a member but not active. I told him I am a sun devil fan and he was way excited. ha ha. so random.

r: wow. you have so much happening in your life right now. haha. i love hearing all about it. i love you!
d: your letters are classic. i can't believe byu football is actually doing pretty good. and asu is ranked 15. that's sweet. keep me posted.
e: the Guatemalan kids carnival thing sounds so cool! i'm so proud of you and jane for going running! next summer we can run togetha!
 j: how was the movie you saw? hope it was good. how was tennis? remember when we would go all the time last summer!?
a: the blue bird will be sooo fun! i totally remember. of course i remember reading stories at night. and painting nails. we will for sure do that again! 
i: do you have a soccer game this week? i heard you don't have school in 2 weeks! that will be so fun. i love you!

have a good week! i love you so much!!! xxoxoxoxo

Sis Tara Anderson

"My town! :)"

"Roaming through some neighborhoods trying to find some less actives"

"Found some Ute stuff!"


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