Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

HI everyone!

This week was good. It went by really fast. We were able to meet some new people and are finding some new investigators so that has been good. We had Stake conference and it was so good!! I got to see some members from my last area which made me so happy! Kim Hoee my RC from WonDang came and we got to sit together. She is still doing great and it was so good to see her! <3

This week we met with 진영선 (this time only her because her friend couldn't meet) so that worked out good. She brought her Bible and she showed us a whole bunch of random verses in Revelations. Nothing against what we were saying, just random things. We are learning that she really doesn't have a testimony of the Restoration and she feels like the Book of Mormon is like "going to another country and not knowing the language."  Before, she was really accepting about the Book of Mormon and really wanted to read it. she has a hard time reading so we got her the CDs to listen to when we were at the temple. Now she doesn't really care anymore. :( We were supposed to meet with her and her friend again on friday (she doesn't want to meet with just us anymore) but she cancelled. She didn't come to Stake Conference and wont answer our calls or texts. We are supposed to meet with them 2 times this week, but I'm not really sure what is going to happen. If we meet with them, we are going to teach the Restoration- specifically the part about dispensations, Christ establishing his Church and dispensations.

We met with 박정미 this week and told her that we wouldn't be able to do the 6 week english thing again, but that we could teach her once a month and teach her gospel stuff the other times. She is actually still intersted and wants to do that. So she has some gospel interest. She reads the Book or Mormon and understands pretty well. She reads the chapters we assign over and over so she can understand what is happening. She always comes filled with good questions. This week we are going to talk more about our purpose on the earth and why we need the gospel in our lives. We are also going to give her a baptismal date.

We met someone this week on the streets and she agreed to meet with us again. We went to the park and taught her on the benches. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and while we were teaching her, I saw another lady come down and sit on another bench near us. I didn't pay much attention to her but she could hear what we were saying. After the lesson was finished, we got up and started walking home. (us with the investigator) We walked through all these different streets of the neighborhood for about 5 minutes when we heard someone say something to us. We looked back and it was the lady who was on the bench by us at the park. She had followed us ever since we left and asked about our message. She is interested in learning. Her and our investigator both bonded really well and we all walked together and talked. Today  Sis. Fuller and Sis. Lee (because we are on exchanges) are meeting with the lady who was on the bench, and then our new investigator a few hours later. It was a cool little miracle! 

Yesterday that guy I met on the streets last month was baptized. He is really awesome and I think he will be a solid member. He is dying to have a calling so hopefully the Bishop will give him one soon. He knows the Bible inside and out and can recite like every scripture. ha ha so maybe he can help the elders in lessons or something. He loves the BOM and is so happy.

We had stake conference this weekend and it was SO good! Elder Whiting from the seventy came and spoke. It was great. He talked about hastening the work. He talked about President Christensen and President Lee (temple president) holding keys but that we the members have to help turn the keys. We watched that video they showed last year in the world wide missionary broadcast thing about families preparing themselves and watching for opportunities to have missionary experiences. Pres Christensen spoke a little and so did the temple pres. President had all the missionaries stand up and say our purpose. It was really cool. Elder Whiting said "if you want missionary opportunities, prepare and seek for opportunities, and you will find them" I know that if we look we will find chances to share the gospel with people!! Stake conference was great and i got to see lots of members I love and especially the cute kids from my last ward! I was so happy!

I have been studying Jesus the Christ a lot lately and always learn so much from learning about Christ's life. I read about Christ calling his apostles to go preach the gospel and telling them to be fearless. The worst thing that could happen is that they die and that's not as bad as someone not having the gospel. So my goal for this week is to be completely fearless. Another thing I have learned while reading is that faith is a means of power. Every miracle Christ performed came because someone had faith. 

classic side note: yesterday at the baptismal service i was playing the piano and i thought they said hymn 60 in korean but 
they said hymn 65 so i started playing 60 and they had to stop me and change to the other song. hahahahaha so funny. my life is so many embarrassing moments

well i better go. i love all of you!
rach: gald you are loving track!! sounds so fun. did they ever get a new sprint coach? 
dman: way to go in football! sorry about your ankle :( i'm so glad byu won!!! who are the key players this year?
ell: send a pic of the roasting stick bag! that's so awesome. your yw activity sounds so fun!
jane: the temple dedication sounds really good. how was hanging out with your friends?!
add:  glad you got my letter! i heard you are still dominating in soccer! way to go!
rid: i heard you are a goalie now! that's so cool. i would rather see a tiger too. thanks for teaching me about your library book! 
i love you all!!! have a good week!!! xoxoxoxo

Sister Anderson

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