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August 25, 2014


We were able to meet with our investigator 진영선 (Jean young son) on friday and she said she has been keeping the word of wisdom!!!! We taught her lesson 4, and she took everything well. We brought up the baptismal interview questions and asked her the first one: Do you believe God is our loving Heavenly Father.... and she freaked out. She thought we were doubting her past faith (she has always believed in God) and so she got so upset and told us she didn't want to be baptized anymore. (totally unexpected reaction). We helped her calm down but we ended off with her saying that she didn't want to be baptized but that she would continue to keep the Word of Wisdom and come to church on sunday and meet with the Bishop. I asked her if she still believes everything is true and she said yes. I think she just got a little worked up.
 Yesterday she did come to church and met with the Bishop. She is planning on being baptized this Saturday and she said she has still been keeping the Word of Wisdom! Some members at church were nice to her and made her feel welcome. I think she feels comfortable with everything. We are meeting with her on wednesday and she will probably have her interview with the DL after. I hope she can take the interview ok. Cross your fingers. :/ ehhh.
Pray for her this week please!!! She is a huge miracle! At the beginning of the transfer (before we even met her) Sister Jeon and I circled August 30th as a day we wanted to have a baptism. We set a goal to find someone and teach them and have a baptism on that day. We prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help us achieve our goal. 3 days later we met 진영선. She has to be baptized on Saturday!!! 

This hard time has given me the opportunity to study Christ's life more and focus on the way Christ would act in tough situations. I am so thankful for the scriptures and for the strength they give me when I read them. I know that by reading the scriptures daily, we will have those thoughts in our minds and be able to react more Christ-like in any situation. There were a few times this week when people said some really hurtful things. There was one time that I wanted to defend myself and say things back, but immediately I thought about Jesus Christ and what he would do.  The scripture 1 Nephi 19:9 came to my mind and I said it to myself in my mind. "And the world, because of their iniquity shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him and he suffereth it and they smite him and he suffereth it and they spit upon him and he suffereth it because of his loving kindness and long-suffering towards the children of men." I am so thankful for the example of Jesus Christ who gives us a perfect pattern to follow. It is not easy, but when I think about Him and they way he reacted in certain situations, I truly feel strength to act as he acts and do what he did.

Sister Fulcher, the sister from Brisbane Austrialia likes to run so she has been running with me in the mornings lately! Yay! Also, we hung out together this p-day because the 2 koreans went shopping and she is so fun! We are really close and have so much fun. We went and ate lunch at the new Popeyes that is by our house! It was way fun!

Rach: good luck this week at USU! you will love college! so much fun!!!! tell me about track! you are the next USU track star! :) i love you!
D-man: good luck at school too! you rule the school now. what what. have fun with football! goodluck! love you!
Ellie: have fun at school! help the new students to not be afraid! you will be awesome! i love you!
Jane: don't be nervous for school! you will do good. it will be fun to see all of your friends and stuff again! i love you!
Addie: i'm sorry that your soccer game got cancelled! :( i can't wait to hear how it goes next week! send pics! i am sending you a birthday letter today! love you!
Isaac: I would rather see a sun devil because they are the best!! what would you rather see? i can't believe you jumped off a cliff! you are brave. i love you!

Have a good week! good luck with school! dont' be nervous. find someone who looks afraid or lost or someone who doesn't have friends and help them! i love you! xoxoxox

Sister Tara Anderson

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