Monday, September 8, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hi everyone! loved the letters. glad everyone survived the first week of school!

On saturday our investigator 진영선 was baptized!!!! Thanks for the prayers!!! It was a complete miracle. She was really happy on her baptism day and everything went really well. She said she had a really deep impression and felt really good. It was great! The missionaries all sang the Armies of Helaman and the Spirit was there. She wanted to bring a friend to her baptismal service but her friend got there late and was only able to be there for the very end when we ate food. At least she got to come to our church and meet some members. She was supposed to be confirmed yesterday but didn't show up to church. We were panicking wondering why she wasn't there or responding to any of our texts or calls,  but she text us later on and told us she had to go down to Busan to be with her dad who is in the hospital. She felt bad, but hopefully she can come this week. I am just glad that everything is still OK. I think she is doing really well. Please continue to pray for her! She told the DL the other day that she is going to drink coffee after her baptism. :'( So we're hoping that this doesn't happen. She needs the gift of the Holy Ghost! Hopefully this sunday.

Remember that guy that i randomly met on the street a few weeks ago? The Elders are teaching him and he is loving everything. He comes to church and came to the Baptism on Saturday. He wants to be baptized so bad. He wants to serve in our church too. He believes that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is so accepting. He has to attend church 3 times and this sunday will be his 3rd time. So he may be getting baptized the following saturday. He is great! 

Again, we were home most of the time this week, but the first few days of the week were a little better. We were able to get out and do just a little bit of street contacting. I met a nice lady who accepted a Book of Mormon and said she would read it. She also gave me her number. I think that because I haven't had very many opportunities to get out and talk to people these last few weeks, I am able to notice the small miracles that do happen more. Somebody accepting a Book of Mormon and saying that they will read it meant so much more to me than it ever has. The little things mean so much more.

This week I got the letter from Dad with the talk by President Monson called "Decisions determine Destiny" Thank you for sending it!!! i love it. It's such a good talk and it has made me think a lot about the little decisions we make that can have large consequences. One part that stuck out to me was when he said "I urge you to not take counsel of your fears." He talked about the consequences that can come if we are too afraid to pursue something because it is too hard or you are afraid of failure. I was thinking about that and I applied it to missionary work. If we take counsel from our fears and are too afraid to talk to that one person, there can be major consequences. A decision to share the gospel with someone can change their destiny and our destiny. I have just been thinking a lot about that this week.

I'm getting a new comp this week! Her name is Sister Fuller from Utah. I dont' know anything else. I'm excited to work with her! It will be good. My first non-Korean companion! i'm so used to being with koreans. I am excited!

Rach: USU sounds like it is a blast! I am glad everything is so fun! Your classes sound good. I loved Sociology. it's super interesting. College is a party huh?! When does track start? Have you started practicing? Whatever happened to the sprint coach? is there a new one? love you!
D-man: your letter made me laugh way hard. Hearing about marv taking kids out in order to score a goal. hahahha. yeah marv! (like yeah mars) and you saying "if you dont' score 3 goals you're grounded." haha classic. marv's a beast. i can't wait to see it next year. classic. oh and the crowd surfing thing sounds so funny. I would have loved that! haha
Ellie: i'm glad school is good! i love hearing about your classes. The teacher that is obsessed with his electric guitar and pokemon characters. eh eh eh eh. hahaha that's so cool you are making a roasting stick holder in sewing for mom! I want to see a picture. you are so cool! Good job on giving a talk in church! I'm glad it went well.
Jane: i can picture the first week of school feeling long because you're used to playing everyday! But it gets a little easier after the first or second week. Think of all of the fun things that happen in the fall like football games and cool weather etc. The rope swing at that pond sounds way fun! 
Addie: i loved the pics of you in your adorable soccer uniform! I am glad you are doing so good! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK BEAUT!!!!! i can't believe you're 9!!! that is so crazy! i will think about you and hope you have a great day!!! send me tons of pics! Have fun shopping with mom and going to the temple open house!
Isaac: i heard you are the BEST soccer player. Everyone told me that you scored so many goals. You are so cool! I like your uniform. It looks really cool. Are your cleats cool too? You are awesome. MVP marv. send me more pictures this week. how is 1st grade?

I love you! Thanks for being the best fam! Have a great week!!! 

Sister Tara Anderson

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