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April 14, 2014

Hi everyone! Loved the emails as usual!! This week was good! Conference was SO fantastic. I loved it. Learned so much and got so many answers. I can't wait til we can study the talks more in the Liahona.
First  I will tell you about our investigators and lessons and then the other stuff we did this week.
김자영 (Kim Cha Young) - (I finally figured out how to work the keyboard in korean. haha) she could't meet with us this week. She wouldn't answer any of our calls or texts and we were so bummed. We were supposed to meet with her on thursday so we thought she dropped us... but thankfully she called us and told us she just couldn't meet that day. So we told her about conference and invited her, but she told us that our church is the same every week. We told her it's actually not, and this week would be really different. We called her on saturday night to invite her again but she didn't answer. The next day, she randomly showed up to church while we were watching conference. She was there for the last few minutes of President Monson's talk in the Sunday morning session. She said she really liked it. She had some issues with her family so she ended up not being able to stay. She said she was going to try and come at 10, but she couldn't make it because of family issues. She really liked hearing from President Monson though. We are going to (hopefully) meet with her this week. She is really sweet.
We met with another girl for the first time this week. Her name is 김해영(Kim Hay Young) and she is so sweet! She is a high school student and we met her on the subway on our way to Zone training meeting. We met with her on saturday and got to know her and found out a little about what she believes. She goes to church so she felt a little guilty for meeting with us. We talked a lot about how God is our father and we are his daughters and how much he loves us. We shared some scriptures with her and told her about the BOM. We also showed her the mormon message, "our true identity" and she really liked it. We told her about he gospel and gave her the "how to begin teaching" introduction type things in PMG. We invited her to be baptized on May 31 and she said that she thinks this is good and she said yes. So that was actually really cool. Our goal was just to try to get her to meet with us again because she told us she would only meet once. She has english interest so we might do the 30/30 program.Yesterday she told us that she doesn't have time to meet with us again. :( she said she was sorry. We will keep trying to get her to meet with us. She is super sweet and I love her!
On our way to email (like an hour ago) we randomly ran into 조해리 (Cho Hay Dee) the Lady who read the whole BOM and goes to another church now. She told us that she goes to "the good church" now (that's the name) and she really likes it. She'll figure things out someday and come back. She is kind of lost. :( She is really sweet though!
We met a few people last week that said they would come to church. None of them showed up. But one girl is really nice and always texts us and she said she really does want to come to church this sunday. So hopefully she really comes!!
So a few random highlights of the week:
On P-day last week my district went to this trampoline place that is right by our church. The elders have been dying to go and so we finally told them we would go with them. We (the sisters) thought it would be this bizarre hole in the wall place, but it was actually way nice! It was originally just for kids but they let us come. haha it was a blast! We had so much fun. Then we went back to the church and ordered pizza. It was the most normal pizza i have had while i was here! made me so happy. And the elders played ping pong (that's all they ever do on pday. haha) it was a lot of fun
I finally passed off Lesson 1. Yayyy. took me forever. the Vocab is insane! We have to teach the first lesson in korean by ourselves with 5 scriptures and memorize 230 vocab words. But last night i finally passed it off. I put stick notes all over our house that say things in korean (like on the fridge i put fridge in korean" so there are sticky notes all over our house. haha Now working on lesson 2.
On thursday President and Sister Christensen came to our area to interview one of the elder's investigators. Sis. Christensen called us to see if we were around and so we told her we would hurry over! We booked it to the bus and got there as fast as we could. I was so excited to see her. I love her! Like a second mom. We talked to her and she had all of the mail for our district. She invited Sis. Koo and I to come to dinner with her and President and 2 of the elders. Of course we went and had a great time. Love them. listen to how cute this is: Sister Christensen said that when she gets the pictures of missionaries that are coming in, it's like an ultra sound. She said she sees the pictures and already loves the missionaries so much. Even though she has never even seen them. And then loves them even more when they come. She said she loves the missionaries like they are her own children. How cute is that about the ultra sound? :) Love them!!!
OK can we just say that CONFERENCE WAS INCREDIBLE? I loved it so much. Some of my favorite things:
Elder Holland's talk about standing for what we believe. Loved it. It seemed so much more real since I have to stand for what I believe every day. SO great.
Elder Scott- Love him. He is so tender about his wife Jeanine. I loved the story about his wife telling him to go on a mission and examples of serving the Lord first.
President Eyring in the womens meeting saying "you were tutored by Him before you came... You learned that there were trials and things that you would go through that were designed just for you" how cool is that? we were tutored by Him.
President Uchtdorf: probably one of my favorite talks! I loved how he talked about expressing gratitude even when things are hard. I loved how he talked about endings... "there seems to be something inside of us that hates endings" then he explains that it's because we are made of the stuff of eternity. That totally makes sense. I love that! "In this plan there are no true endings, only true beginnings" LOVED HIS TALK
Elder Stevensen- ok another FAVORITE. I loved how he talked about the olympics and training for your 4 minutes. This life is our 4 minutes that will determine our destiny. Are we on track? love it.
Elder Bednar- loved his talk about the load and how it helps us move forward. so good.
President Monson's talk about love was so good. It made me think a lot about how we treat the ones we love the most...
What were your favorite things about conference? Tell me the things you learned! I learned a lot about LOVE, GRATITUDE, Keeping our covenants and staying on the covenant path, and standing for what we know is true, even if it's not popular.
Rach: loved the prom pics! You look beautiful!! Glad everything was so fun!! Classic story about barb. hahaha loved it!!
D-man- sorry your bracket got totally messed up. hahah how was the 50 mile bike ride? that sounds way fun! Love you!
Ellie- good job in track! you should TOTALLY DO THE 400!! You will love it! jk maybe not love it, but do it! Tell me how everything is in track! Love you!
Jane- good job in track too!! You won your heat!? that's awesome! your thing you are making in sewing sounds cute! Send pics. Love you!!
Addie- way to be a soccer star beaut! I heard that you are dominating! keep working hard. love you tons! send pics of soccer!
Isaac- i heard you and d-man are army guys and go shoot bugs with air soft guns. that sounds really cool and fun. send me a picture of the picture dman drew. i love you!
Mom and Dad- Thanks for the story about Steve Young. I loved that. I love you so much. Thanks for all of the support. You help me so much. Thanks for the letters and easter package! They made my whole day! I love you! Send more pictures of everyone! I love pictures so much!!! love you!
OK I better run. I love being a missionary! I love the gospel. I love the plan of salvation. I love sharing the best news in the world. I love the Book of Mormon. I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Tara Anderson
"These flowers are everywhere on bushes. They look like little miniature hibiscus Hawaiian flowers."

"My new zone as of a few weeks ago."

"They are putting lanterns up everywhere because it's Buddah's birthday in a few weeks."

"The way fun trampoline place Sister Koo and I went to."

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