Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 31, 2014

HI. I was going to try to write hello in Korean, but let's be honest, it would have taken me like 10 minutes to try and figure out the little character things. hahhaa. Anyways, thanks for the emails! I love all of them.
Kim Hoo Eee is doing great! I seriously love her so much. We met up with her in Seoul on friday. We went to dinner at this Indian resturant (way good by the way) and we talked to her about conference and stuff. She is excited and hopefully will come next week. Sad news though! She is moving back home with her family, and they live like 4 hours south :( we are sooo bummed! She wont be coming to our ward or anything. I think she is moving back in the next two weeks. Sooo sad! But we taught her a recent convert lesson on Sunday and she loved it. We asked her to bring a friend to church and she said she would bring two. She also said she has been telling her mom about our church and her mom is a little interested. Hopefully her good example will have an influence on her friends and family!! I love her so much and i'm so sad she is moving! :(
Ee Bo Young is super busy lately and wont really talk to us. :( We were supposed to meet up with her and two other sisters (sister atwater- from kaysville, and sister tally) becasue sister tally was sister koo's last comp and knows Ee Bo Young, but she ended up saying she couldn't go becasue she had no time. We text her every few days and she doesn't text us back. We invited her to church and got no responce. I think she might be done with us. Which I am super bummed about. But we will continue to be her friend and love her. Eventually she will know that she needs the gospel in her life.
We haven't been able to meet with Ee sung Hoon and Ee Hueng jee this week because their mom won't answer when we call. We want to meet with them, but we wonder if the whole baptism thing is making their mom afraid of us. She claims she doesn't care if they have a religion, but I think she mainly just wants us to help them with their English and doesn't want them to be baptized. :( It's sad because they both want to be baptized. Hopefully this week we can visit them and get them to church.
Cho Hay dee (the lady that was super nice that knows the Bible way well) texted us this week and dropped us :( :( she told us that she is going to another church now and she really likes it. I am super sad. She was so sweet. At least she has read the Book of Mormon. She knows about the gospel. Someday she will know it's true.
We had some good street lessons this week with some different people. Sadly we set up return appointments with 3 of them and we got "fanged" on all of them. haha (no body showed up) So we were sad about that. But, we were able to talk to a lot of really great people.
We had a huge miracle this week! On sunday, we were sitting in sunday school and somebody came to get Sister Koo and I. They said that a random person showed up to church. So we went and found this lady standing at the door. She looked really nervous, but we welcomed her in. She said she was from Hwajeong (the next city over) and she already goes to church, but she was visiting her friend in Neunggok (our town) and wanted to go to church. So she just showed up. She was super overwhelmed at first. Said she felt soo out of place. But she came to Sacrament meeting. She said she really liked it. She felt like everyone was so clean and pure at our church. She was really intrigued. She said sacrament meeting was a little boring, but she still liked it. She was super friendly and warmed up to sis. koo and I. We got her information and we are meeting with her again on thursday!!!
On tuesday we got to go to the temple! It was sooo good. It's always so peaceful to get out of the busy city feel peaceful. I loved it. After the temple, the Bishop of the ward we are serving in took us all out to lunch at this American buffet. It was super expensive and so generous of him to take all 10 missionaries! We had a really good time though. After, sister Koo, sister jackson and I went shopping around seoul. We went to this tiny little thrift shop that has tons of great finds. I loved it!
This week I studied a lot about LIGHT. By studying this topic, I learned so much about how Chirst is our light, and how light, whenever it is mentioned, is related to Christ, the holy ghost, truth, goodness, etc. I thought a lot about light and how through bits and peices of light, we learn and receive revelation. We are "quickened" by the Holy Ghost. President Lindahl taught me a while ago that It rejuivinates us. In D&C 88 it talks a lot about this. It says "If your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light.... that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things." I love this! I seriously learned so much this week.
Another thing i learned this week was about knowledge and how important it is to study the scriptures. What effect has Joseph Smith's decision to study and seek had in your life? (PMG) Everything that happened to Joseph Smith happened because he studied the scriptures....
Well, I need to run. Glad you are having a lot of fun in Arizona!!
Rach, good job in track! You are awesome!!! Way to go! Keep working hard these last few weeks of school. Can't believe you are graduating next month!! I love you so much!
Dman- how's ASU? Is it fun to be on campus? How's march madness? oh, remember the childhood gem, the OREO cereal? Yeah i found it here! Remember how it's only in Korea? Sadly it's not near as good as it was when we were little. hahah :( love you!
Ellie- How is personal progress going? I got a book the other day because I want to work on some of those experiences again. Tell me what one you are working on and i will try to do some of them too :) Are you doing that basketball team? I love you!!
Jane- how is personal progress for you? I will work on some with you like i told ellie. Thanks for telling me about everything that is happening with your friends! I love it. I love you!
Addie- remember how i would always say " YOU LOOK ADORABLE?" i miss saying that to you! hahaha! In korea lots of people have dogs and they always dress their dogs in clothes and some have shoes. they even do their hair in pony tails with bows and clips. classic huh? I love you!!
Isaac- that's so cool you are at dad's school. I can't believe you ate two waffles. You will be very strong and tall. I am so proud that you went to primary by yourself in arizone. i love you!
Mom and dad- thanks for the emails. I love you so much! Have fun in Arizona! send pics!!! love love love you!!!!
Love, Sister Tara Anderson
At the restaurant after the temple.

When Tara sent this picture she said, "the trees are beautiful here! They all have massive flowers on them!!! and cherry blossoms. (they don't like us to call them japanese cherrry blossoms. haha)"

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