Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Happy Easter! It sounds like you had a great day! Thanks for the cute package you sent. I put out the cute easter baskets for sister koo and I. It was so fun! On Easter, the sun was shining and it was a blue sky. It was a miracle! I was so happy! We had a great day. Sister Koo had to play the piano for primary, so i went and sat in the middle of all the kids and learned a primary song in Korean. I don't know what it's called. Something about families. It was so fun to sit there and sing with all the cute kids! I loved it.
I loved hearing about all of the track meets! You all are awesome! Send me pics! I wish i could be there to see you run! Keep working hard!
So there is this lady that Sister Koo and I see all the time. Her name is 죄정하 (Choi Jong Ha). She came up and talked to us like 2 months ago and she was nice. She said she had met with missionaries in the past, but she wasn't intersted in meeting with us. We ran into her again 2 more times and she still wouldn't meet with us. So finally the other day we saw her for the 4th time and she's like ok can you come to my house tomorrow? So we were like yeah! We came to her house and she is suuuper Catholic. She was super nice though. We taught her a little bit about the Book of Mormon and did some How to Begin Teaching. We showed her a mormon message and she really liked it. She was actually pretty accepting of it. The bummer is that she's leaving for America this week to visit her son for 2 months! :( She said she is actually interested in our message and that she wants to meet with us when she is home. Pleassseee!!
This week 김차영 (kim cha young) wouldn't answer any of our calls or texts. So we couldn't meet with her. :( I called her on Saturday night to invite her to church, but she said she was going to her church. ahhh. I was pretty bummed. We are continuing to pray for her to know how we can help her.
Yesterday we went and visited a lady that the other sisters referred us to. Her name is 한서희(Han So Hee) She is this cute little old lady they met. She told them she is sick and needs help. So we went to see her and she was so sweet. She is Budhist and she is really old and sick and she wants to go to the hospital, but she is really poor so she can't. She said her son owns a chinese resturant, but that it doesn't bring in much money. She is so sad. She told us that she just wants to die. We talked to her about Heavenly Father and how he loves us and knows us. I felt like I should tell her that Heavenly Father loves her and He has not forgotten about her. She didn't seem too interested in our message though. She is just so old and sick. We talked to her about prayer and told her we would pray for her. She isn't interested in meeting again, but she was super sweet. I wish there was something we could do to help her. :(
So the other day, Sister Koo and I were street contacting and it was the very end of the night. We were talking to this little grandma who was on her way to her church. We were standign there talking to her for a while. We were telling us about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and asking us some questions. As we are testifying of the Book of Mormon and our message, this other lady walks up to to the grandma and says, "Grandma, (In korean you call all old people Grandma) "these people are not really from a church. Don't listen to them. They are a cult. You can't fight against a cult. Just go. They're a cult." The little old lady looked so concerned and then started to walk away. My blood started boiling when she said that. I calmly testified that our message is true and then the rude lady walked off. I ran over to the little grandma who we were talking to and testified again to her that our message is true. I offered her our card, but she wouldn't take it. I was so upset. I just walked away and thought "president holland's talk" over and over in my mind. I wanted so bad to freak out at the rude lady, but I couldn't. I walked away and burst into tears. It hurt me so bad. I told sister koo (through tears) that it hurt me so bad to hear someone tell someone else that we aren't telling the truth and that we are a cult. While we were in the middle of testifying. I have heard a lot of people say rude things to me, but I know that our message is true and I don't let it get to me. But to hear her say it to another person, and for that lady to believe her killed me. I KNOW our message is true. That night we went home and watched a few mormon messages after planning to cheer us up. We are praying for that lady that someday she will learn about the gospel and KNOW that it is TRUE.
This week I was studying in Mosiah Chapter 2. As I was reading about King Benjamin, I realized how humble he was. Even though he was the king, he was so humble. He taught the people about serving one another and that when we serve others, we are serving God. He talked a lot about how indebted we are to the Lord. He knows that we are nothing without the Lord. He created us, he gives us each breath and supports us each day. In Chapter 3 it says the natural man in an enemy to God. We must put off the natural man and becoming a saint THROUGH the Atonement of Christ. King Benjamin truly understands that we are nothing and cannot be anythign without Christ. He also knows that we must be willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon us. He knows that the Lord knows what is best for us. I love King Benjamin! He has taught me a lot about HUMILITY. I was also studying in PMG under "The Book of Mormon answers questions of the Soul" and I was reading about how to have more happiness and unity in our homes and families. It referred to Mosiah Chapter 2 again. I re-read it, this time thinking about what King Benjamin taught, in that perspective. I learned that in order to have more unity and love, we have to SERVE, and rely completely on CHRIST and keeping the commandmants. I love this Chapter. It's loaded with so much good stuff.
Well. This week was great. I learned a lot. I love being a missionary! I am so thankful for the chance I have to teach people about the Restoration and the good news of the gospel everyday! I learn so much. I love the gospel. I love Korea!
Rach- I loved your updates on everything. Way to go with your track times! Keep killing it in the 100 and 400! Soak up your last month of senior year!! love you!
D-man, i can't believe there might be a new S-bob movie coming out next year. That's awesome. haha we will totally go see it. That's so sweet you are doing hurdles!! Keep workign hard in basketball! love you!
Ellie- good job with personal progress! I will tell you some of the things I learned while studying as well. Way to go in the 400! You are seriously so fast!!
Jane- i loved hearing about your races! Good job in the 400 relay!! You guys are superstars!! Keep up the good work! I love that you are going to the temple so much! love you!
Addie- you got Frozen for Easter? That's awesome! I heard it's sooo good. Send me a picture of your super cute hair!! love you!
Isaac- The easter bunny came to our house?! That's so cool. Did you have fun with the cousins at the easter egg hunt? And at Baba and Grandma's easter party? I love you!
Mom and Dad- Thanks for everything. You are the best. You are my idols.  I LOVE YOU!!!
HAVE A GOOD WEEK!!!!! I love you all!!!
Love Sister Anderson
"This adorable little girl in our ward."

"Sister Jackson and I on exchanges."

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