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March 17, 2014

Hello everyone! Thanks for the emails. Mom and Dad, I can't believe you're just chilling in the Carribbean right now. Sounds SO fun! Rach, glad things are going good while you're being mom for a little bit :)
Things are great in Korea!! This week was very eventful!
The highlight of the week was Kim Hooee's baptism!!!! Everything turned out great. I sat next to her during the meeting before and Sister Koo was playing the piano. She was so nervous. She sat there and held my hand so tight while the talks were being given before the baptism. The spirit was really strong. There was something really special about it. She didn't have any family or friends there. Just the ward members and misisonaries. Her professor spoke about baptism and Sister Koo gave a talk as well. After she was baptized one of the sisters sang the musical number and the bishop talked about the Holy Ghost. It was awesome. The food did end up working out. The professor's mom and dad are in the temple presidency and they are in our ward, so they offered to help us with the food. So they brought a bunch of sandwiches. Sister Koo and I bought lots of juice and made a whole bunch of cookies. Some ward members offered to bring a few other things so it worked out fine. She was confirmed yesterday in church as well. It turned out really awesome. I love Kim hoo ee and I'm so happy for her!! She is awesome!!!
As far as other investigators go,
Ee Bo Young is having a hard time. :( We taught her this week with a member present. We teach her English for the first 45 minutes, then we do gospel for the last 45 minutes. She was super nice and friendly when we were doing English. She seems like one of our good friends while we teach her English. Then when we started teaching her the gospel, she just kind of switches off and doesn't seem to care very much. She used to seem like she cared more. But now, she doesn't have much of an interest. Sister Koo talked a lot about baptism and Ee Bo Young just seemed like she didn't want to hear it. So we are sad about that. We are trying so hard to find her needs. We tried to emphasize the fact that she is a daughter of God and that there is a purpose to life on earth, but she seems not to really care anymore. Keep praying for her. I love her so much and I know this gospel can help her and change her life!
We didn't get to meet with Ee Hyen Gee this week, but we met with her little brother, Ee sung Hoon. He is seriously the cutest kid. We taught him about the prophet and prayer and he loved it. He loved learning about President Monson. We showed him a quote by President Monson about prayer out of the Liahona and I think he really liked it. We showed him the Liahona and the talks by the prophet and other church leaders. We decided that it would be good to talk directly to his mom about letting him come to church. She said she's fine with it as long as they want to. We also gave her a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet and asked her to read it. We explained that those are the standards we live by in our church. She is actually really nice. The hardest thing is actually getting them to come to church. We keep offering to pick them up, but they are always studying so it's kind of tricky. They always want to come when we teach them, but when sunday rolls around, they want to sleep in. We'll keep trying though! At the end of our lesson, we asked him to pray and he prayed specifically for "Thomas S. Monson, the Liahona, and for the Plan of Salvation." So sweet. :) We love him and his sister!!
So last week, we met with the lady that knew the Bible super well. Her name is Cho Hay Dee. She is super nice, but very firm in the things that she believes. Last week we gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read it. So this week, we met (6 days later) and she had read the entire thing. She said she loved it and that it was super exciting and a great story. Kind of like reading those stories of people who have died and seen Christ and come back.  She had a lot of questions and thought it was a really cool story. She's missing the part that it's God's word and that the story is true. We taught her more about the restoration and about Joseph Smith. She doesn't understand why the Bible doesn't talk about Lehi and all of the people in the BOM.  So we are working on that. She said if Joseph Smith is the prophet who fulfills all of the prophecies in the Book of Revelations, she'll believe the book is true. We asked her to pray about it. We are inviting her to come with us to stake conference this sunday so we'll see how that goes.
We went to visit our friend in the hair salon again this week. We wanted to go visit her but we didn't have an excuse so sister Koo decided to cut her hair. (all in the name of a PI haha) So we went in and the lady and her friend were there just talking. We gave them both copies of the Proclamation to the World and explained it. They were both super nice and they both love sister Koo and I, so that's good. Working on building trust here. haha also the lady was trying to convince me to get this hair manicure or something for like 70 dollars but she would do it for 50. hahaha ehhh not happening. But she still loves us. She told us to keep coming and visiting her whenever we are around. Perfect! That's exactly what we wanted. We're going to stop by and see her again this week.
I feel like there were so many little miracles this week. People we met and talked to and just little things here and there. On saturday, I got on the bus and sat down next to a random girl and started talking to her. She didn't seem interested at all, but I continued to tell her about our church and ask her questions. After a few minutes, a lady sitting in front of me turned around and said something to me. I told her that I am a missionary for our church and told her a little bit about our church. She asked me some questions about our church and stuff. She was sitting there with her little girl and so i started talking to the little girl as well. I asked her if she speaks english and told her I teach english. She was super cute and nice and the mom seemed interested in learning more. She asked me if she could get my number. So i got her number and asked her for hers. We got off at the same bus stop and then sister koo asked her if she wanted to come to church. She told us she would. So yesterday she called us right before church and told us she was going to try and come. She ended up not being able to come but hopefully next week or the following week. Hopefully we can meet with her and her daughter. She is super nice!
CLASSIC story of the week: So Sister Koo and I were out street contacting on tuesday night. It was about 8:30 and we were in this area where there are a lot of big stores and a lot of people. This guy walked past and then turned around and came back and asked if i speak english. i said yes and then he started saying how pretty we were and blah blah... so then he starts telling us that he has a lot of money and he comes really close to me and touches my arm and so sister Koo and i start getting a little freaked out so we said bye! and turned around and walked away. We look back and he starts following us and so we walked faster and he started running yelling "I have a lot of money!! take my money!!" and so we started running and he starts booking it (he's crazy and drunk) and he chased us for a while. So sister koo turns right and i keep going straight and she yells to come to her, so i turn and see him still chasing us and then we ran in that direction for a while and he was still chasing us. hahahaha i  was laughing so hard/ almost crying thinking i was going to die. Then we turned some corners quick and ran down to an underground store and hid for a while. We called the elders and they said they would come catch a taxi to come, but we told them it was ok. So we waited a while and then came out and didn't see him. we hopped on the bus and ran home. Slightly Terrifying and classic at the same time. Getting chased by a drunk man was definitely a highlight of the week. hahaahahah
This week I read a talk that Rach sent me a while ago. It's called the Power of the Word by Ezra Taft Benson. It talks about how the word of God is so powerful and how crucial it is in fighting off the temptations of the adversary. I thought a lot about how important scripture reading is and how we need the spiritual enrichment. I thought a lot about the people in the scriptures and how we can apply the scriptures to us. I know if we read the scriptures, we will have the spirit with us and they will help us do what we need to be doing each day. You should read the talk. It's really awesome.
Rach- love you so much! good luck with babysitting everyone this week. Tell me more about how track is going! I love you!
Dman- sup. hahah how is basketball? you should write me and tell me what's up. i love you!! keep looking for good sbobs
Ellie- thanks for the email! The b-day party sounds super fun. No korea doesn't celebrate st. patricks day. and yes it's starting to warm up. yay!! i love you so much!
Jane-You, ellie and your friends are miniture versions of me and kar. by the way, i forgot about all of those videos of me. hahah so weird. haha i love you!
Addie- i can't believe the buns have the bfg!!!! that's so cool. the hike sounds super fun! I am so glad you are doing good! how is school? I love you?
Isaac- I love the picture of you in the fire truck! That's so cool. How are your basketball games with dman? I heard you have a pretty good shot now. That's awesome. i love you!
Mom and Dad- have so much fun on your trip! Have fun Scuba Diving tomorrow! That sounds like a blast. I love you so much!!!
Have a great week!!! I love you all so much! I am thankful to be serving here in Korea!!! XOXOX
Love, Sister Tara Anderson
Sister Koo, Kim Hooee and Sister Anderson!
All the people at Kim Hooee's baptism.

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