Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 24, 2014

Well... this week has been a little bit harder. I guess missions are just filled with ups and downs! This week our zone split, so we were combined with another zone. We are so sad because our zone is way close! :( So on monday for pday we all went to lunch and hung out and talked forever. It was a lot of fun though!
On tuesday we were street contacting and we met this super girl at a bus stop. We sat down and started talking to her. She's in 8th grade and was interested in learning about our chuch. We told her about our message and she said her parents were buddhist but she wanted to find out more about our church. We got her number and we were super excited! We set an appointment to meet with her the next day. We text her that night and told her "hey this is the missionaries you met today...." to follow up on the appointment and so she had our number. A little bit later, our phone rang and it was her calling. We answered, and it was her dad saying he read our text and to never call his daughter again. We were so sad. :( So we had no appointment the next day. :( We had a couple of different appointments planned and they didn't show up, or blocked our number. Bummer. ha :(
We didn't get to meet with any of our investigators this week but we were texting Cho Hay dee (the way nice lady who read the BOM in 6 days) and she told us that she was attending this seminar thing for another chuch and that she loves it and it's answering a lot of her questions. She told us she would probably go to that chuch for a little while. We text her back and asked her if she wanted to come to our church and she said oh I should! So we'll hopefully get her to church this week. She said she bought tickets to this event thing on saturday and invited sister koo and I (but obviously we can't go) plus we had english class so we told her we couldn't make it. Super nice and thoughtful. We'll keep working with her and hopefully get her to church.
This week Ee Sung Hoon and Ee hung chee's dad was really sick and their mom had surgery, so we weren't able to meet with them. :( We wanted them to come to stake conference with us, but they couldn't. Hopefully we can meet with them this week. We text them scriptures every few days and are praying that they are doing ok.
This week Ee Bo Young was out of town for part of the week. We plan to meet with her tomorrow night, but she hasn't answered our calls or responded to us at all in the past few days. :( We are
just trying to be her friend now. I think she feels too much pressure to be baptized and really doesn't care about the gospel. So sad! :( We will keep working with her.
So the other day, we were walking to one of our appointments (one of the ones that didn't show up) and we saw this girl and started talking to her. She was super nice and we asked her for her number and if she could meet again, but she said no. So we kept walking to our appointment. About 10 minutes later of walking, I heard someone yelling hello! hello! So I turned back, and it was the same girl. She ran up and told us that we were really pretty. We asked her again if we could meet again with her, but she said no again. Then went back. (we are not sure if she's slightly slow or not. Can't really tell for sure) We were super confused becasue she ran all the way after us just to tell us that. The next day, we happened to run into her again on the streets. She asked us if we could come to her house right then. So we did. We went into her house and she lives in her house with her sister. (they are both in their 30's) so we sat down on the ground around her little table and she went into the kitchen to get some food for us. Her sister was in the other room sleeping and she woke up and came in and saw us and freaked out. She started yelling at us and telling us to get out of her house. She started pushing us out of the room. Her sister, the one who let us in kept telling us to stay, and telling her that she invited us over, but her sister was pushing us out. It was so sad. The girl who invited us in was so sad and her sister was being way rude. She pushed us out the door and locked the door and we just stood outside the door while the rude sister yelled at the girl who invited us in and told her how we are a cult and that we are bad and blah blah... the girl who invited us was like, they're my friends! I can have them over if I want. Anyways, it was super sad. We were so bummed. She is so sweet. We are praying that we will run into her again on the streets around the same time so we can talk to her.
This week, I studied a lot about receiving revelation and inspiration. I read Elder Scott's talk "How to obtain Revelation and Inspiration for your personal life" from april 2012 conference. It's so good. It makes me realize just how sensitive the spirit is. We have to do every little thing we can to be able to receive the quiet whisperings of the spirit.
I also have been studying being "meek and lowly of heart."  Today I was reading in Moroni 7, and it says in order to have faith and hope, we must be meek and lowly of heart. I want to be more meek. I have been studying Elder Soares' talk "Be meek and Lowly of Heart" Being patient and kind and submissive...etc. He talks about how the Savior was the supreme example of meekness in the last moments of His mortal life. Read the talk. It's sooo good. I love it! I am thankful for the chance to be able to try each day to be more like the Savior. I know through the Atonement, we have the chance to try over and over to be more like the Savior. I want to be like Him!
Classic thing of the week: Yesterday we had lunch at a members house and we ate a bowl of soup that had: Mussels in it, Sea Shells, Shrimp with faces still on, red claws (thje claws of crabs and stuff), ocean rocks and random antennas from some sea animals. It straight up looked like we were eating a bowl of the tide pools at the ocean. hahah so freaky. Oh and we ate sea weed with it too. I guess my roomate that ate mussels at BYU was preparing me for times like this. classic.
Rach- love the Prom dress!!! Super cute! Good job in your track meet! love you!
Dman- that's a bummer about BYU. Classic about Marv's new nickname! love you!
Ellie- your choir thing sounds way fun! Have fun with your term project!! love you!
Jane- I love the talk from elder scott about filling your life with service. Thank you for that! love you!
Addie- The bill nye video souinds way cool! Thanks for telling me about it! I loved those videos! love you!
Isaac- i'm sorry you are sick! I think the magic tree house books are so cool. I am excited for conference too. love you!
Mom and Dad- thanks for all of the prayers and for praying for my investigators! I love you! You are the best!!
Have a great week. THANK YOU FOR THE LETTERS!!!! I LOVE YOU! xoxoxox
sister tara anderson

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